What Konzortia Capital is bringing to the table in 2021

It has been said that 2021 is the year of financial technologies. As cliché as calling something “the year” of any given industry may sound, there are many important reasons to believe that FinTechs are going to see unprecedented levels of growth next year. For one, they are carrying the momentum that they gained in the current year, as a result of the numerous banks, governments and other institutions that have been trying to get an edge int eh development of their technologies for transactions. 

Likewise, the favorable costs and generally better services offered by FinTechs are attracting individual users, which is another factor that is improving the revenue streams of these industries. Today, technologies such as API platforms, distributed ledgers and AI machine learning are vastly improving the experience of users, by creating secure and transparent financial ecosystems, promoting innovations and new ways of customization and using large databases to accurately assess the preferences of each user and provide service that cater directly to them. 

What Konzortia Capital is bringing to the table, is an ecosystem that harnesses the potential of all these technologies, creating, not just a user experience unlike anything previously seen on the market, but also a service that can be utilized by companies of all sizes, banks, and other institutions. Konzortia Capital is composed by three companies, each of which offers its own unique financial platform. SBank is a fully borderless online bank that features, among many other things, the ability to make international remittances in real time with no fees. InvestHub is a private equity platform that allows companies to raise capital globally regardless of industry, size, location or jurisdiction. Capitalista hosts the first truly global secondary market, in which companies that finish raising capital on InvestHub can issue their equities. 

In the first quarter of 2021, the first version of SBank will be launched into the market. Users will be able to experience the future of the financial markets for the first time, through cutting edge banking services. The platform is going to provide all of the services present in even the most advanced online and digital banks currently in the market, in addition to many previously unseen unique features. It will operate within a distributed ledger environment which will guarantee high levels of security, transparency and efficiency for all transactions.  

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