We’ve Made New Additions to Our Team and our Board of Advisors

The journey of a company from its earliest stages to a more developed state can certainly be challenging, and obstacles will definitely appear along the way. However, those obstacles can either impair you, or they can strengthen you. How? By overcoming them. And there is no challenge that an experienced, committed team cannot conquer.

We at Konzortia Capital believe that teamwork is crucial for success. Your team will set the foundations for your future, so it’s important to create a skilled team that is not only proficient in their own areas, but also that is able to come together, united under the same ultimate goal, sharing the same vision.

On that note, we are pleased to announce that we have made some new additions to our team and our advisory board that will, without a doubt, boost our growth and aid us in our journey as we reach every milestone and prepare for what’s to come.

On the one hand, we are working tirelessly to expand our capital raising team with experienced professionals that understand the roadmap of a private company, as well as the complexities of private equity, and whose expertise will be key to boost our growth and help us achieve every milestone on our business plan even sooner than anticipated.

On the other hand, we have invited several financial professionals to our board of advisors. These individuals are experts in various fields, from mergers and acquisitions, to private equity and capital raising, to IT development, all crucial for us at Konzortia Capital. Their counsel can bring nothing but positive results for us in the future, and we couldn’t be more pleased with their acceptance of our offer.

Here at Konzortia, we continue to work hard day after day to keep growing and achieve all the goals we’ve set out for ourselves. The launch of InvestHub, our private equity platform, is approaching, as well as the launch of our global banking platform, SBank.

You can follow our journey through our social media platforms, or visit www.konzortia.capital to learn more about our vision.

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