We are currently in Pre-Series A!

Through the years our founders have spent participating in the financial industry, we have come to realize which crucial aspects make investments profitable and, most of all, worthy. Not only worthy of investor’s capital, but mainly of their time. Their time to listen to an opportunity, to go through the necessary information, and ponder it over. Success in the financial industry is far from being a matter of luck, and investors should know this more than anyone. Devoting one’s time and resources to analyzing an investment opportunity and deciding whether it shows future promise is what makes a difference, and we, at Konzortia Capital, are very much aware of that.

The journey was not by any means easy, but our company has managed to successfully arrive to the Pre-Series A round of financing, as we keep growing incessantly, both through our capital raising campaign, and our team of qualified experts in various fields, from finances to marketing. Even our family of subsidiaries keeps growing: two of our products, SBank and InvesHub, are coming live in just a few months.

With experience comes knowledge, and we have managed to refine our business model meticulously to ensure our success, and our investors’ success. We are now for our family of visionary investors to keep growing.

Individual and institutional investors such as venture capital firms, family offices and hedge funds, as well as accredited investors, are welcome to join Konzortia Capital. This investment opportunity offers investors a clear exit strategy built within our business model, and our roadmap indicates that they would be allowed to liquidate their position in no more than a year, with a ROI ranging from 447% to 1020%.

Investing in a Pre-Series A round brings along unique advantages, such as the current price of our shares, and the substantial returns that our valuation model projects. Furthermore, we are planning to go public through a reverse merger by 2022, at which point the valuation of our shares would most certainly spike up due to the fact that public companies are valued at a higher price than private companies.

One of our strongest value propositions the impact that our business model will eventually create within the industry. Our platforms will change financial services as we know them, offering an interconnected and streamlined financial ecosystem that is accessible, less costly, and provides real time clearance and settlement for all transactions. From banking, to private equity investing, to capital raising, to trading, Konzortia Capital will accompany users along the financial journey, complementing financial services with educational tools to ensure the highest success rate for all actors.

The chance to get involved with us is now.

Our vision, hard work and conviction are what delivered us here. We aren't waiting any longer. We are qualified, we are confident, and we are doing it. This is your time to join a young company with huge promise that will soon transform the financial industry. Get involved now, and let time prove your right.

Visit www.konzortia.capital to learn more about Konzortia Capital, or to schedule a one-to-one exclusive appointment with one of our Investor Relations specialists.


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