Visionary Investors are Leading a Radical Change in the World of Financial Transactions

Over the last century, there were many technological changes in financial transactions, but most of them have been incremental rather than truly groundbreaking. The SWIFT system is an example of this when it comes specifically to worldwide money transfers. While it was a significant improvement over the Telex system that came before it, it is not radically different. They both function on roughly the same principles, as systems of international message confirmation that enable global transfers between banks.  

The fundamental difference is that SWIFT uses a unified codes system that allows it to be more secure and efficient. A second example of these incremental improvements is in new brokering applications like Etoro and Robin Hood. They have undoubtedly made it easier for most people to use brokerage services to trade and invest, but they’re not fundamentally different from buying stocks normally. The concept is the same, it is now simply much more practical. Intermediation and relatively high fees are still there, even if there was a clear improvement in accessibility. This is not to claim that what these platforms offer wasn’t innovative or incredibly positive. There is a reason why Robinhood came to become one of the biggest companies in the tech industry. 

 However, these services were not visionary in the strict sense of the word. Because they took the already existing concept of brokering improved on it, as opposed to redefining the very notion of asset trading and approaching the problem from scratch, which is what true visionaries do. An emerging startup company intends to claim the status of visionary by changing what the very concept of financial transactions entails. They’re developing a unified global platform in which the whole financial industry will be able to operate, without inter intermediaries, with much lower times, and next to no costs, using interesting new financial services.  

This vision has been very attractive for investors who deem themselves as visionaries, insofar as they’re becoming leaders in this world-changing process. Company’s founders claim is driven, not by merely improving upon the financial services that are common today, but by the idea of viewing the world of financial transactions from a different angle to create something completely new. This company is called Konzortia Capital a FinTech private holding formed by InveStart, Novabank and Capitalista. Each of these subsidiaries intends to offer different financial services, each of which are innovative in their own way, within a single, distributed ledger ecosystem.  

Novabank’s platform is going to, bring innovative banking services with unique features like multi-currency accounts, free global remittances via text messages contactless payments among many other things. InveStart is creating a digital space in which small companies will be able to launch digital capital raising campaigns for investors to look for promising private companies and potential unicorns globally, without being restricted by location, currency, jurisdiction or size. Finally, Capitalista will consolidate a new secondary market of liquid assets similar to stocks, which companies will be able to issue as they succeed on their capital raising campaigns on InveStart. This market will be measured with the New Asset Offering (NAO) index. 

Konzortia Capital promises to bring the world ever closer to the ideal of a truly global free market with perfect capital mobility. The company’s investors are visionary not just because they share this vision but also because the asset which they’re investing in is a new asset class, which will be traded in the NAO index within Capitalista, the first true global market index. This new asset class is named Kor, and it’s in itself, an innovative way of investment. Kor is unique because it operates within Konzortia’s DLT network, and offers investors the liquidity of a public stock while maintaining the inherent benefits of a private equity. 

Due to its business model, and its potential to dominate the financial service industry, which is one of the biggest markets in the world, Konzortia Capital could be one of the most groundbreaking companies of the century. Not to mention, this is an amazing investment opportunity for those who consider themselves visionary investors. Konzortia Capital is, to say the least, a truly exciting project, which the world needs more than ever, in a context of global economic crisis and isolation.

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