Updates on the Upcoming Milestones for 2021

As it is known by the majority of our investors, supporters, potential customers and general followers, we have great plans for 2021, and this will be a crucial year for us as a company. The first milestone will be to launch the MVP for SBank in the beginning of 2021, which will allow us to build a userbase for our services, gaining us a higher degree of traction to carry the company forward. 

 With a fully-fledged platform in the market operating with its own userbase, all of the legal requirements fulfilled with proper documentation and a clear roadmap, the company will become substantially more attractive for institutional investors such as family offices and venture capital firms. 

With institutional investors on board, we will be able to complete the current financing round and carry out a couple of liquidity events, which exact date is yet to be concreted. These are great news for those of our investors that are looking to liquidate their asset soon. There are, however, even better ones for those planning to stay with us, as the development of InvestHUb and Capitalista will also accelerate as the current funding rounds conclude. 

By the end of 2021 it is expected that a preliminary version of the InvestHub platform could be very ready for launch or otherwise very close. Were this the case, the userbase for the services of Konzortia would see a yet larger growth, and with companies raising capital though the platform, it could mean a significant revenue stream for the company.  

As innovative as some of the features of SBank are, where the potential to revolutionize the financial industry as a whole truly relies is on the services offered by InvestHub and Capitalista, for which SBank will serve as the platform from which users will fund their investments and deposit their returns.  

With all of the milestones ahead and a full team ready and working to reach them, this 2021 is meant to be an important year for Konzortia Capital, in which the company will reach the markets and begin its true process towards becoming a game definer for the financial industry. We therefore invite those who are not already following the company’s latest news to visit www.konzortiacapital.com and subscribe to our newsletter, in which we share relevant information about new developments in our technologies and products as well as the state of the financial markets. 

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