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Konzortia Unicorn

Invest in the Highly Profitable

Fintech Industry

4 Fintech Companies

1 Unicorn

Private equity as

A New Asset Class

Experience Growth

& Dividends

You Could Go From $2.76 to $15.11 in No Time

With a Clear Exit Strategy

You Could Go From $2.76 to $15.11 in No Time

With a Clear Exit Strategy

Why Invest in
Private Equity

Put in simple terms, private equity allows investors to generate returns in the groundbreaking FinTech industry that would not be available to investors acting alone.

Invest in the booming
Fintech Industry

39 Fintech Unicorns
have a compound value of $147.37 billion
Two Uber investors
made $5M on their $5K investments
39 Fintech Unicorns
Early Amazon investors
experienced 10,000,000% growth
Some Alibaba investors
made $1,902,430 with $1000 early investment

4 FinTech Companies
1 Unicorn

When you invest in Konzortia Capital, you are
investing in 4 companies that, together, make up the next unicorn.

Konzortia Capital Private holding of SBank,
InvestHub and Capitalista,
together forming a financial ecosystem operating under the Konzortia Capital Distributed Ledger (KCDL)

Logo Capitalista

Global Trading and Wealth Management Platform

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Logo SBank

Globalized Online
Banking Platform

Logo InvestHub

Private Equity and Venture Capital Platform

Invest in Konzortia Capital

Meet our KC Shares

When you invest in Konzortia Capital,
you invest in KC Shares

Private Equity

KC Shares are Konzortia
Capital’s digital private equity.

Clear Exit Strategy

Investors will be able to trade
KC Shares in Capitalista’s secondary
market for private equity

Digitally Stored

Store KC Shares online or in
a flashdrive-like device

Key Facts

Konzortia Capital Incis a US-based holding company, registration no. 3897083

The Special Purpose Vehicle is registered as Konzortia Capital SPV 01 LLC, Delaware, file no. 3884967

Private Placement is duly filed with SEC, under Reg D 506 (c) for US$8,500,000

SBank is undergoing registration in the United States of America

We expect you to

Experience Growth & Dividends



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1/2 block $13K


1 block $26K

2 block $52K


3 block $78K


4 block $104K

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Your Investment is Projected to

Go from $2.76 to $15.11 in No More Than a Year

How is this going to happen?


Your Investment is Projected to

Go from $2.76 to $15.11 in No More Than a Year

How is this going to happen?

Traction & Momentum

Our team grew 200% during the Covid-19 outbreak and it keeps growing today

Raise your game


To win, planning makes 99% of the formula,
but execution brings you 100% of the results

Secure your position

For $0.65 per share and get ahead of the game

Here´s what other Investors say about us

The more I look into this company's business model, and get to know the team that is putting it into practice, the more convinced I am they're destined for great things. I have no doubt that they will change the way in which financial services are conceived, and I couldn't be prouder of being a part of it.

Annette H.

Annette H.

Mr. Walter Gomez, the CEO, is a man of vision, focus, and tenacity. I figured any venture that Mr. Gomez led would succeed. I understood Mr. Gomez' vision and I agree with him. Konzortia is on its way to being a key player in international finance supporting the participation of individuals and institutions ranging from small business owners to large companies, banks, and regulators. I feel very comfortable and confident regarding my investment in Konzortia.

John T.

John T.

This company has an incredible vision and a work ethic that I haven't seen in any other company. They're aiming really high and I'm sure they will get there. The way in which the team works and communicates makes me feel confident and invested.

Mauricio G.

Mauricio G.

Just one more thing

Just one more thing