The Next Unicorn of the Financial Industry Offers Some Exciting Projections

Due to its visionary and groundbreaking business model, the private FinTech consortium Konzortia Capital is believed to be on its way to becoming the next Unicorn of the financial industry. Being just mere months from releasing its MVP into the market, the company is becoming more attractive for investors, knowing that its assets might increase exponentially in value as the product is launched and customers start making full use of it.

The first MVP soon to launch by Konzortia Capital is from its subsidiary company Novabank, an online banking platform that promises to redefine the very concept of banking services. It will offer unique features such as multi-currency high security accounts, global remittances through text messages, contactless payments, and much more, all using distributed ledger technologies. Not only is this intended for the banking population of the world to access a highly inclusive product with very high quality, but also for companies of all sizes and individuals of all levels of wealth to access incredibly high security accounts and advanced fund management services.

Konzortia Capital’s investors deem themselves as visionaries, who do not see the project as merely an improved version of previously existing services, but rather as an entirely new approach to the very concept of financial transactions. Furthermore, investors are attracted to the company’s innovative model in regards to the way in which shares are offered. Konzortia’s equities come in the form of a new asset class called Kor, which operates within the distributed ledger and is intended to become the first asset to be tradedwithin the DLT-based secondary market of liquid stock-like assets called the New Asset Offering (NAO). This market will be hosted by another one of the subsidiary companies, Capitalista. Due to this, the asset has the level of liquidity of a publicly traded stock whilst keeping the inherent advantages of a private equity. This means a high ROI (expected to be around 40-90% within the next year), along with dividends, and a clear exit strategy.

With this in mind, soon after Novabank’s MVP is out, the company is expected to be further funded by venture capitalists, which would increase its value exponentially. This is therefore the perfect time for investors who wish to deem themselves a visionary to get on this world-changing project. If this sounds like an interesting business model and investment opportunity, you can check the company’s website for further information about the model, and for further projections about the investment.

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