The Next Ant Financial of the West: Konzortia Capital

With its latest valuation at over 300 billion dollars, Ant Financial, or more accurately speaking, Ant Group, has become one of the fastest growing and most impressive financial service enterprises in recent history. They managed achieve this through an ingenious business model which, rather than competing with the consolidated companies that dominate the market, aimed to provide a solution for them as well as for the casual individual user. This is perhaps the secret behind Ant’s success, as it delivers a fully interconnected system where users can look for a plethora of financial services, ranging from the simplest to the most complex. 

What we ought to ask ourselves is why Ant has not become a dominant force in the West, where behemoths like Apple, Google and PayPal, dominate the market for digital purchases. While each of these companies represents a powerbrand offering a wide array of services, there is yet to be a Western equivalent to what Ant is doing in the East, which consolidates them all into one interconnected system and network. Perhaps, it is not a matter of whether it’s possible for a phenomenon like Ant Financial to take place in the West, but a matter of when it’s going to happen. 

For us, there is a lot to be learned from Ant’s business model. We aim to become something like the Western equivalent to Ant Group, in the sense that we want to offer financial solutions that work for all actors, rather than compete with them, but we want to take that concept much further. The first thing that separates us from a company like Ant is that our business model has an even wider breadth and scope. We’re tying together the borderless banking of SBank, the private equity investing and capital raising of InvestHub, and the brokerage in a global secondary market of Capitalista, into a financial ecosystem that works for all actors.  

The second thing that separates us from Ant is our technological edge. We’re the first company with the vision to employ a distributed ledger network into a wide array of financial services using three separate, yet, interconnected platforms. Distributed ledger technologies will allow us to offer faster and more secure transactions, with a higher level of transparency at a lower cost. It will also allow us to have a level of flexibility in our services that simply is not possible in other systems, as well as to make full use of innovative technologies like machine learning AI and API platforms. 

In essence, what Konzortia Capital will offer is an integrated secure financial ecosystem, where users will be able to carry transactions of all sorts. From basic banking transfers to global remittances, large private capital investments, and real time liquid assets trading. Actors from all sizes, industries and jurisdictions will be able to participate, including casual individual users, small retailers, large corporations, banks, regulators and more. Our vision is to bring the global financial system to the next level, for the first time making it truly globalized, and as close as it has ever been to the ideal of perfect capital mobility. Konzortia Capital is founding the next generation of financial transactions, and redefining the system for decades or centuries to come. 

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