The Biggest Tech Stocks of 2021 and How to Invest in Them

Finding the biggest tech stocks in a past year might seem like a fairly easy task. The information about which stocks grew the most and had the highest momentum throughout the year is readily available for those who look for it. Companies like Nvidia, Apple and AMD can be listed as some of the ones which stocks had the highest momentum, whereas other stocks like NortonLifeLock and Qorvo were some of the fastest growing throughout the year, especially in the last couple months. However, this information in and of itself does not tell you anything about which are going to be the biggest tech stocks or 2021 or how to invest in them.

If the biggest tech stocks are defined as those with the highest value at the moment, one may look at companies like Xerox and HP. Nevertheless, these definitions do not account for the potential these tech stocks have for yielding ROI for those who invest in the near future. If one is to rate the biggest tech stocks as those with the highest potential for growth, the list might be completely different, and perhaps unexpected for most people. The question as to how to invest in them is also less straight forward that most might think

With this said, the biggest tech stocks of 2021, understood as the best tech stocks one could possibly invest in right now, are not even stocks in the strict sense of the word, although they do have many of the properties of publicly traded stocks, particularly when it comes to liquidity. These stock-like assets (to use a more accurate term) are to be found within the blooming FinTech industry, which was one of the biggest and fastest growing ones throughout the past year. What is unique about this particular industry is the fact that it provides different innovative alternatives on how to trade and invest. In this case, we’re talking about a new asset class called Kor, which functions through a smart and innovative use of distributed ledger technologies, which allows for less restrictions than normal stocks have.

In a similar fashion to stocks, Kor represents equities from a financial technology consortium called Konzortia Capital, which is formed by the subsidiary tech companies InveStart, Novabank and Capitalista. Although these equities are private, they have the mid-term liquidity of a publicly traded stocks, while still keeping the benefits of a private equity. This is possible because of the distributed ledger technologies that allow Kor to be traded in a secondary market of liquid stock-like assets, which will operate in parallel to the traditional stock markets, but will offer many benefits that traditional stocks cannot.

The benefits of investing in Konzortia Capital’s Kor rather than the biggest traditional tech stocks in the market include a much higher potential for possible ROI, as well as the possibility of yielding high dividends. Since Kor is going to be traded on a secondary market using distributed ledger tech, those who invest in it will have a clear exist strategy, and will be able to liquidate a part while keeping the rest for exponential growth. It is expected that, within a year, those who invest in Kor might be getting around 40-90% returns, which is nigh impossible with normal stocks, even the biggest and fastest growing ones in the tech industry.

The exponential growth in a stock-like tech asset like Kor does not come from artificial liquidity, but is cemented in a business model which has the potential to lead to one of the biggest disruptions in the financial markets. Together with Novabank, InveStart and Capitalista, Konzortia Capital intends to create an inclusive DLT-based financial ecosystem, which will allow individuals, companies and institutions to engage in banking transactions, invest, raise capital and trade and participate in the stock markets with an unseen level of freedom. The new secondary market of liquid stock-like assets hosted by Capitalista will be measured through a new truly global index called the New Asset Offering (NAO), which is intended to become biggest alternative to the stock markets when it comes to equity investing.

When finding the biggest tech stocks to invest in 2021, one must be looking forward. This is why it’s not enough look at which were the highest growing stocks in 2020, but rather, to think about which stocks have the biggest potential for growth, in order to invest in the near future. In this case, the answer is an asset with very similar properties to stocks, but with a lot more benefits, that stock-like asset is Kor, and it promises to be, not just an incredible investment opportunity but one of the biggest revolutions in the tech and financial market in recent times. To find out more about Kor and Konzortia Capital’s business model, you may visit, and to learn more about the projections of this opportunity to invest, visit

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