The Best Private Equity Investment of 2021

Although it might seem almost counter intuitive to some, private equity might be the way to go when investing in 2021. In a context of high economic uncertainty, the most commonly sought assets such as stocks, bonds, real estate and commodities, are nowhere near as reliable as the majority would take them for. Those wishing to achieve significant growth in 2021 need to think outside the box, meaning looking for the best and most innovative possible private equity.  

There are various traits that a private equity investment needs to have in order to be considered promising. Firstly, it needs to follow the market trends, preferably within an industry that just starting to receive high attention and achieve significant growth. A good private equity investment also needs to have a strong market position on whichever industry it belongs to. As it is evident, the best private equity investment needs to have strong and reliable cash flows, preferably with low capital expenditures, multiple avenues for growth and multiple possible areas to expand to. Keeping all of this together, there must be a strong and capable management team, with a lot of professional and personal qualities. 

With all of these considerations, finding the best private equity investment might not seem easy, especially if one wishes to invest during a company’s early stages, which is by far the most potentially profitable moment to invest. Looking at the private equity companies that have achieved the highest growth, such as FS Capital Corp and Medley Capital Corporation could provide a good lead. However, the fact that those companies achieved a growth of over 500% over the last year means that the best possible moment to get in a position probably already went by. 

Some might make the mistake of thinking that the only way of finding the best private equity investment for 2021 would be through a combination of sheer luck and intuition. Luckily, however, already found it for you. The best private equity investment of 2021 is called Konzortia Capital. This is a company that promises to revolutionize the financial industry by creating a large-scale financial ecosystem based on distributed ledger technologies, aimed for the whole financial industry to operate. From individuals and small businesses to the biggest players in the market and even central banks and governments, Konzortia Capital intends to create a system that will drastically reduce the costs and times for everyone in almost any financial operation. 

Konzortia Capital is a private equity FinTech consortium composed of three subsidiary companies called Novabank, InveStart and Capitalista, each of which will have its own financial service platform, coming together as a single wide DLT financial ecosystem. Novabank will provide banking services with unique features that would not be possible under another framework, such as multi-currency accounts, instant global remittances through text messages, contactless payments, digital credit and debit cards, and much more. InveStart will allow private equity companies to raise capital globally without restrictions, regardless of their size, location or jurisdiction, while also making it easier for private equity investors to find unicorns. Capitalista will bind it all together by allowing the private companies that successfully raise capital on InveStart to issue their private equities as digital stock-like assets, traded within a global secondary market under an index called the New Asset Offering (NAO) 

This revolutionary business model has everything that makes a good private equity. It has a differentiated product, the means for a reliable cash flow, and a lot of potential to position itself strongly in the market. Not to mention that it is a part of the FinTech industry, which had a higher level of growth in 2020 than the 6 biggest banks in the world combined. This is a trend that is likely to hold and even strengthen for private equity investments in 2021 within the sector, as more people are leaning towards new financial services that will eliminate the need to go out of their homes. Furthermore, new private companies within the FinTech industry are aiming to provide the solution to a lack of inclusiveness in the financial markets. And this latter purpose is exactly what the founders and managers of Konzortia Capital wish to achieve, as they grow their team with highly skilled and capable individuals. 

It is clear that Konzortia Capital has everything that a good private equity investment need. However, to be the best private equity investment of 2021 requires going a step further, and this is where their new asset class comes in. The private equity of Konzortia Capital’s holding is represented as an asset called Kor. This is a new asset class which operates within their distributed ledger, and is intended to be traded within the NAO index in Capitalista’s secondary private equity market. This means that the asset will have the same level of liquidity as a publicly traded stock in the mid-term, whilst maintaining the inherent benefits of a private equity investment, such as its potential for exponential growth and high dividend yields. 

If you’re still looking for the best private equity investment for 2021, look no further. Konzortia Capital is by far the best opportunity for those interested in making a private equity investment. With the company being just a few months from releasing its first MVP for the Novabank platform into the market, this is the perfect moment to invest, as the private equity’s value is expected to go high as soon as users are able to taste the quality of the product. Further information about the company’s business model as well as the progress made by its subsidiary companies on the development of their products, is readily available on their website Likewise, to learn more about the investment opportunity and the properties of the new asset class Kor, users may visit

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