SBank’s Authorized Centers will Allow Users to Cash Out their Funds!

As you probably already know, we have been devoted for months to the development of SBank, the first of our companies that is set to enter the markets. After months of research and hard work, we managed to successfully develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and we are very happy, as we feel it reflects everything we envisioned SBank would be.

We are planning the launch for SBank in August and, at that time, users will be able to download the app and start benefiting from all the services our company will offer. Some of the app’s features include services for individual users like remittances to anywhere in the world that charge little to no fees, person-to-person, as well as services for businesses, given the fact that SBank has services tailored for SMEs like payment processing and automation of corporate payments. Depending on their profile, users will be able to create an account that fits their banking needs and find everything they need there in a simple, effective and comfortable manner.

However, there’s another service that SBank is prepared to offer outside the app that could greatly benefit users all over the world that choose us as their banking service. SBank is preparing to open authorized centers on a global scale, thus dispensing of the need to rely completely on the digital aspect of our banking service. We want to be more flexible for our public so that they feel as comfortable as possible with the company. Customer experience is key to us and our model. After all, SBank’s goal is to provide solutions that make our customer’s lives easier.

As we don’t want to limit our customers’ access to any financial service, users will be able to access their money in any way that they like, digitally or in cash. SBank’s authorized centers will give users the opportunity to cash out their funds, as well as any received transaction. Furthermore, these centers would allow users to send money to anywhere in the world, a service that could be of great help for customers who prefer to carry out transactions in person and with cash.

We are very much looking forward to the SBank launch, which is now closer than ever, and we will continue to get everything ready so that our company is the best that it can be.

If you want to be a priority customer of SBank, you can join our waitlist so that we can include you in the group of people who will be the first to download and use the app as soon as it’s ready.

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