SBank will Help you Achieve your Goals

SBank, the first of Konzortia Capital’s companies to enter the markets, is set to launch in the summer. As we prepare for the launch, we wanted to let you know about the exclusive features SBank is prepared to offer. You may already know that the app will allow users to create an account that fits their profile best, whether they are individuals, freelancers or businesses. Different account types will offer different features that are tailored to the user’s needs.

Individuals will be offered a wide variety of services, like feeless global remittances that charge little to no fees, or money transfers that are carried out as easily as sending a text message. Individual users will be able to make payments with a debit or credit card, or in a contactless manner as well, through a QR code. All these features can be of great benefit to users who want to manage their finances in a simple, cost-effective and accessible manner.

One of the main goals of SBank is to provide a unique customer experience that users can feel comfortable with. Today, we want to tell you about a particular function for individual users that was designed with their convenience in mind. The Financial Goal Setting feature of SBank will help users raise money for a particular project, like going on a vacation, or buying a new house, or changing their car. It is a feature intended to help our customers manage their finances and relax more, knowing that SBank has got their back.

With the Financial Goal Setting feature, customers can create the financial goal of their choosing and enter the time period they have available to raise the required amount. Then, they can just start saving, as easy as that. They can deposit whatever amount they desire, whenever they want, and access the funds at any time. With SBank, achieving your goals has never been easier.

If you would like to become a part of the company or receive more information about what we do and how we plan to redesign the financial industry, you can visit, leave your contact information, and a member of our investor relations team will contact you shortly.


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