SBank is Coming Soon and it will Revolutionize Banking Services as You Know Them!

Konzortia Capital has been seeing exponential growth over the past few weeks. From our featuring in several private equity platforms, to the development of a thorough valuation model that boosted our price per share, to the possibility of going public in less than a year from now. The company has been on a clear path towards success, and each step takes us closer to our ultimate goal: redesigning the financial industry to make it more efficient, secure and accessible.

One of the key milestones of the company is the development of SBank, the first of our companies to enter the markets. After months of thorough research and development, we have been able to finalize the MVP, which reflects everything we envisioned SBank would be. The SBank app will launch in August and it will be a revolutionary platform offering a wide variety of services for different profiles. Our aim is to provide a simple and efficient solution for banking services, and we are confident that our platform fills every single requirement necessary to do so.

In order to be able to offer such an ample scope of services, we have designed our app in a way that segments all the different features according to the user’s profile. Customers can choose between a personal, freelance or business account when they access the app. That way, they can find services that accommodate their banking needs.

Business accounts were designed with SMEs in mind, a sector that is usually deserted by traditional banking services. Small and medium-sized make up 99% of companies in the US, contributing greatly to the American economy by creating jobs and producing goods and services. However, traditional banks don’t give SMEs the same treatment they give big businesses, as they are constantly left out of business opportunities. SBank understands this and wants to do something about it. Therefore, the app will feature business services like payment processing through point of sale or online and automation of corporate and invoice payments.

Of course, individuals do not have the same banking needs as businesses. Users need a platform that allows them to access and manage their funds in a simple but ample manner, as well as carry out transactions that don’t charge exorbitant fees. For example, SBank will offer individual users the possibility of making remittances to anywhere in the world that charge little to no fees and are finalized in real time. Of course, users will also be able to make regular money transfers, but with the added bonus that no fee is charged to either the sender or the receiver.

Furthermore, SBank will help individuals manage their finances by featuring a goal setting function through which users can enter a financial goal they have, like raising money to buy a new car or go on vacation, enter the time period they have to raise the total amount, and just start saving. Users will also be able to issue credit or debit cards, or pay via QR code to avoid unnecessary contact during times like these. Whatever feature they access, SBank will provide ease and simplicity, and prove to be an efficient app that makes customers feel comfortable.

Right now, Konzortia is creating a waitlist for people who want to be future users of the SBank app. Users that register on the waitlist would be the first ones to be given access to the app, so they can download it and start enjoying all the benefits SBank can offer.

If you want to be one of the privileged users who will have access to the app before anyone else in August, please click on the button below and join the waitlist.

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