Become a Visionary Investor

Those who invest in Konzortia Capital become part of a select group of visionary investors
who are carrying the industry towards a new interconnected world of fast, efficient, secure,
transparent, inclusive and uncostly financial services.

By investing in Kor, not only will you add a new and unique asset class to your portfolio, with
tremendous potential for profitability, but you’ll be able to proudly call yourself a visionary.

Investment Benefits

  • A clear exit strategy
  • A new digital asset class which can be digitally stored in a pen drive-like device
  • The ability to trade any liquid asset such as bonds, stocks, equities and commodities, anywhere in the world, at no cost.
  • Priority on a waitlist for future xx investments.
  • Foreign currency exchange rate discounts for transactions carried on SBank.
  • Preferred Visionary Rewards Program.

Visionary Investor Process