Recent Fintech Adoption by Governments Means Great Investment Opportunities

Throughout the last decade, there have been various countries experimenting with the use of distributed ledger technologies and contemplating the possibility of making them a major part of their financial systems. The COVID19 pandemic has driven financial institutions and companies to innovate with more inclusive and efficient services to cater to a newfound demand. This creates a breeding ground for FinTech companies to grow and expand, being the ones with the technical capacities to develop the much-needed technological frameworks 

It is well known that countries like China, Australia and Canada had already made successful advancements in the implementation of distributed ledger technologies to complement or enhance their financial systems. Nevertheless, this year, many other countries have gotten along this trend with many substantial efforts both in the regulatory and technical departments. Italy has joint efforts with China to fund its new Statispay system, the Japanese government is strengthening its alliance with IOTA to develop a new DLT environment, and the United Arab Emirates have developed an entire plan for half of the government’s transactions to take place using DLTs by the end of 2021. 

This new FinTech-friendly global environment creates great perspectives for companies and investors in this industry. For Konzortia Capital, this embracement of DLT and other financial technologies by countries is particularly beneficial, due to the inclusive focus of the Konzortia Capital Distributed Ledger (KCDL). This platform is aimed at catering to the necessities of all types of actors in the financial system, from individual buyers, sellers and investors, to companies of all sizes, governmental institutions and banks. 

 With its holistic approach, Konzortia Capital combined high quality banking with instant global remittances, global private equity investments and a secondary market of digital stock like assets, with brokerage and wealth management services. Each of this service is provided by one of Konzortia’s subsidiary companies, within the single globally interconnected KCDL platform. It is thus the perfect technological framework for a large-scale implementation of distributed ledger technologies to create a truly globalized and financial market. As such, Konzortia Capital makes for one of the best investment opportunities for investors looking to add an asset to the portfolio that will not be affected by the COVID19 crisis, and can in fact even benefit from it. 

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