Private Company Creates A "New Asset Class" With Liquidity Of A Public One

For a moment, I want you to imagine something that might seem impossible. You have the option of buying into a stock like option that acts like… well… a stock does. It goes up and down in value depending on the market, you can trade it with other people, it pays out dividends and allows you to buy more stocks that are like it, and you can bundle it up in different packages to sell to other Investors on a secondary market. Not only that, but when you buy into it, it does all of this right at the start of the initial offering.

Not only does this stock do all of this, but it can also be converted and liquidated into cash when you need it to be. Say you cash it in all at once, and then walk away with your investment without having to wait for that stock to be sold on the market, or to pay for a trade with someone else.

Amazing, right?

Well, look no further than Konzortia Capital. Konzortia Capital is a company that has been producing a lot of talk recently about their new Asset Class, which is called Koura. Koura is an asset class that they built themselves based off of the Ethereum platform, and does exactly as described above.

Konzortia Capital currently the leader of a consortium of companies under them, allowing for a diversification of different industries under their control that has a true global reach. The equity of Konzortia CapitaL is all set in their new asset class that was previously mentioned - Koura

We went into a little bit about it above, but it truly is amazing. Koura provides investors with the liquidity that only publicly traded stocks provide while still remaining with all the benefits of private company equity. Meaning that anyone can get in and publicly trade, but still own it privately.

So how does this work? Let's elaborate. The way Koura works right now is it challenges the differences between equity and cash; being used as a base currency for transactions within the companies that are part of the consortium and invest within it (The consortium comprising InveStart, Capitalista, and NovaBank). As a currency you can use it to purchase goods and services or you can invest it in a company, and no matter you do with it it'll increase in value much like any security or bond would. Best of all, is that Koura also increases in value in other ways, since each Koura you own will also pay out dividends as well as help to increase the value of the companies that you invest in with it.

Honestly, there's a lot that can be said about Konzortia, Capitalista, NovaBank, and InveStart as well as Koura but it’s starting to look like that they’re well on their way to redefining what it means to invest in the 21st century at this pace, utilizing all of the new block chain technologies and digital formats that have been in development in the last decade. This is one company that you certainly don’t want to miss out on when it comes to getting in on the ground floor.

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