Private Company Creates A “New Asset Class” With Liquidity Of A Public One

For a moment, imagine something that might seem impossible. You have the possibility of buying into a stock-like type of equity that acts like… well… a stock does. It is traded in a secondary market, but before getting there it goes through a process similar to an Initial Public Offering (IPO). After it does that then you can trade it and it pays out dividends, but it also allows you to buy more stocks that are like it, and you can even bundle it up in different packages to sell to other investors on a secondary market.

Not only does this stock do all of this, but it can also be liquidated and converted into your desired fiat currency when needed. You could cash it in all at once and then walk away with your investment without having to wait for that stock to be sold on the market, or you could take out the cash directly at an ATM machine, or send it to a friend or family member, or how about just use your app to pay for goods and services?

Amazing, right?

Well, look no further than Konzortia Capital. Konzortia Capital is a company that has been producing a lot of talk recently about their New Asset Class (NAC) called Koura. Koura is an asset class that they built themselves based on a decentralized platform called Ethereum which does exactly as described above and more.

Konzortia Capital is the holding company of a consortium of fintech companies that will provide services in the banking sector and capital markets. This consortium is formed by three companies: InveStart, Capitalista, and NovaBank. Each of this companies is partially owned by Konzortia Capital, while the equity of Konzortia Capital is this NAC that was previously mentioned – Koura.

Koura provides investors with the liquidity that only publicly traded stocks provide while still featuring all the benefits inherent to equity issued by private companies. Meaning that anyone can trade it or liquidate it while the company still remains private.

So how does this work?

What makes these companies so special, is it just Koura?

Koura is an essential part of the consortium, but each company offers an innovative value proposition:

InveStart: This equity-based crowdfunding platform will allow any company from anywhere in the world to raise capital issuing their own NAC through a process similar to an IPO called a New Asset Offering (NAO). These newly issued assets will be listed in the global NAO Index.

Capitalista: Is a brokerage and capital management firm that will offer trading accounts with a cost close to zero. It will offer the trading account´s users specialized services like managed accounts and trading signals created by in-house traders. It features a global market called the NAO Index. All of these are offered through a franchising model to achieve scalability.

NovaBank: A fully licensed global bank, remittance service, and payment processor that will offer a service similar to a numbered account. It will allow users to keep their banking services using Koura as the base currency. Remittance services will be offered through a global franchising model that will also allow users to access the innovative banking services.

For users to access the services offered by each of the companies, they must buy Koura. The continuous demand and limited offer for Kouras will increase their value while at the same time InveStart, Capitalista, and Novabank will generate more profits, increase the yearly dividends paid out to Koura investors, and make the NAC gain popularity.

In essence, Koura comes to challenge the difference between equity and cash; being used as the base commodity—or currency—for transactions to take place within the companies that are part of the consortium while providing investors with yearly dividends and a continuous appreciation of the asset.

Are you ready to embrace the future? Konzortia Capital can point the way forward for you, guiding you toward real, lasting success. Click the link below and gain access to an exclusive video for your glimpse into what is possible.

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