Novabank’s is Mere Months from its Launch This is How the Development has Progressed so far

Novabank’s launch, expected to take place in early 2021, is intended to mark the beginning of a new era in the world of banking services and financial technologies. As such, there are enormous expectations surrounding its release into the market, as well as a lot of curiosity about its features. The company’s early investors have already been able to take a sneak peek on how the application is going to look and the way it’s going to function, and some business partners are onboard to support the project. 

With the wireframe, the prototype and the visual design ready, as well as the information required to do a client onboarding, Novabank is on its home strait towards release. The launch of the application is going to be carried across various phases, the first of which is going to be the one coming around February of 2021. As users get to try the service in its early stages, updates will come periodically based and a previously established roadmap as well as the feedback provided by customers.  

The application is currently in the last few stages of its development as a platform, and there are ongoing negotiations with various sponsor banks, primarily form the US, which are interested in supporting the operation. Some of the features that will be on the first released version of the MVP will include text message-based money transfers, digital debit cards, QR payments, the ability to create multiple accounts among others. Although more complex features will be included in later stages of the process, the MVP launch will give users a glimpse into the quality of the services offered by Novabank. We are a confident that, even with the first version of Novabank, our customers will find an incredibly high value and satisfaction. 

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