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Novabank. Investors who took part in companies’ New Asset Offerings created with InveStart will be able to exchange their New Assets into Koura. With Novabank, any company can process payments done thru credit card or using Koura. Businesses will be part of a directory featured in Novabank´s app that will show the services offered by each of them and their location in a map. Novabank will reach the unbanked and non-tech savy thru authorized franchises all over the globe which will also serve as a remittance service and deposit or withdraw facility. Individuals and businesses will be able to transfer their New Assets among users or spend them anywhere using an international debit card linked to their Novabank account.

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Novabank is looking to become the first generation of banking, done truly globally. All operations will be recorded online thru a single blockchain-based platform and offline thru franchisees all over the globe. All of the services will be offered at a fraction of the existing costs, in real time, and fully secured using blockchain technology. This is the way banking was supposed to be from long ago; without borders, without limits.

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