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Learn how you can experience 40-80% annual growth and have a clear exit strategy

Invest in a Groundfloor Opportunity

Experience Net Worth Growth

Get in at $0.65 today, Exit at $1.00 within a year, or hold it and receive up to $4.35 in dividends.


Grow your Net Worth

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A Real Opportunity to

Grow your Net Worth

Whether your portfolio has taken losses, or you’re just looking for a business sound avenue to preserve your capital and grow your net worth, here´s a real opportunity to achieve these goals: 


Meet Kor

A New Asset Class

When you invest in Konzortia Capital, you’ll be investing in our New Asset Class, Kor.

How is this New Asset Class

better than everything else?

Don´t just take our word for granted

This is what other investors had to say...

Ronald C

"I made my career in Wall Street, and if this company does half of what they intend to do, there will be no point of comparison in the history of financial markets."
-Ronald C

John T.

"I believe that the management team will make things happen. Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships."
-John T.

Gary D.

"As a long-time real estate investor, I feel that this investment gives me the security of owning assets that are very liquid."
-Gary D.

This isn't about us,

It’s about you

Here´s a Free, tailor-made, 30 seconds evaluation that will show you how to achieve your goals 

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How will this be achieved?

Go from $0.65 to $4.00 in no time



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Call and find out how to benefit from:

  • A portfolio diversification opportunity with a Private Holding Company
  • Investing in a high dividend yielding equity with minimized risk
  • A liquid instrument that is set to experience continuous appreciation

All of this in a single opportunity

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Disclaimer: The investment described in this website involves risks, and is available only to accredited investors or individuals who can afford to assume such risk for an indefinite period of time and who agree to purchase the securities only for investment purposes and not with a view toward the transfer, resale, exchange or further distribution thereof. There will be no public market for the securities issued pursuant to this website. The resale of the securities is limited by federal and state securities laws and it is therefore recommended that each potential investor seek counsel should they desire more information. The price of the securities as described in this offering has been arbitrarily determined by the sponsors of this investment, which are the directors of the issuing company, and each prospective investor should make an independent evaluation of the fairness of such price under all the circumstances as described in the body of this website and its complementary documentation. You as a prospective investor, accepts that, by agreeing to the purchase of any security token described on this offering, have reviewed all the necessary documentation, such as the investment prospectus and are fully capable to understand and accept the risks involved in this investment opportunity. All investments carry risk and all investment decisions of an individual remain the responsibility of that individual.

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