Merry Christmas to Our Loyal Investors and Supporters

Being a visionary is not easy, it does not only take foresight and intelligence, but also a lot of determination, which is what truly makes those visions come true. Nevertheless, that determination should never keep us from spending time with our family and loved ones. That is why, at Konzortia Capital, we want to wish every one of our investors, supporters and future customers a merry Christmas and happy holidays. And along with our best wishes, we want to share with you some of our projections for the upcoming year.  

One of the most important breakthroughs that we’re going to reach early in 2020 is the launch of SBank, which will reach the markets with an early version that will support all of its main features, including the chat functionality and the instant feeless remittances. The technological development of the application is on its last stages, and dialogues are already being carried with potential partner banks to ensure liquidity and solvency within the platform.  

The launch of the SBank platform will allow us to gather a userbase for our services, which will in turn give us a more solid ground to present our opportunity to VC firms, family offices and other institutional investors to finish the investment round. With a new capital influx, we will boost the development of the InvestHub and Capitalista platforms, and will give investors from the initial funding rounds a chance to liquidate if they so please. Nevertheless, with the great things that are coming and the growth that is projected for the next couple of years, it is highly advisable for investors to keep their positions.  

Yet again, we reiterate our best wishes to all our investors and supporters, and hope that these positive news and perspectives might bring an even sweeter flavor to your upcoming holidays celebrations. We also send our best wishes to your families, and hope that you get to spend these special times with them. We will keep you updated throughout the coming days and will keep working hard to take each of the steps in our roadmap just as we’ve programmed them. 

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