Meet Smart Send: SBank’s Revolutionary Feature

The SBank launch has been under preparation for several months now, with our team working hard on delivering the best results for our customers. The wide variety of services it will offer will change the concept of banking, and we plan for it to reach everyone who may need to access banking services.

However, when users download the app, not only will they find the services they are used to accessing through their traditional banking platform, but they will encounter a whole set of unique features that will offer a new way of banking. These features were designed with customer experience in mind, and to ensure users navigate the app, find and access services with the utmost comfort.

One of the unique features SBank will be prepared to offer users is Smart Send. This feature is a money transfer service that allows users to send money through a chat feature, making money transfers as easy as sending a text message. The user selects the amount and the receiving account, and the transaction is cleared and settled in a manner of seconds, with no fees charged for the operation. Within the chat service, users can speak with each other and make sure the transaction was conducted successfully for both parts. And the best part is that these transactions can be sent to anywhere in the world. Yes! Real-time cross-border money transfers that charge no fees! SBank is making this possible for everyone, and opening the door to banking services for anyone who may need them.

SBank will be a revolutionary global banking platform, offering real-time and cost-efficient services for both businesses and individuals. The platform will be a space where users can manage their or their business’ finances simply and effectively, with features such as payroll management for companies and goal setting or bill splitting for individuals. With ensured security for all transactions, SBank will be the gateway to the new era of banking.

If you are interested in Konzortia Capital and would like to be part of this visionary company before it’s too late, you can visit and learn more about us and how we plan to revolutionize the financial industry on a global scale.


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