Koura, is Konzortia Capital’s New Asset Class, an innovative form of equity that allows investors to receive dividends, while giving you the liquidity that could only be found in publicly traded stocks. It will allow clients to pay for the services offered by the group of FinTech companies in the consortium (InveStart, Capitalista and Novabank). Koura can be held, traded or exchanged, just like any other form of asset, but unlike most assets, it can also be spend like a currency. This flexibility is what allows Koura to truly transition beyond traditional asset classes and is what opens up new exciting opportunities for investors.

Koura represents a unique new generation of liquid tradeable equity for private companies. Its value will not only be determined by the valuation of the consortium’s holding: Konzortia Capital, but just like any liquid asset, it will be determined by the natural market forces: offer and demand. Konzortia Capital has developed a business model where it stimulates the use of Koura for its inherent benefits; i.e., flexibility, liquidity, and ability to pay out dividends. As Koura has been chosen as the sole commodity to be utilized by users to access the services of InveStart, Capitalista and Novabank, the mutually dependable infrastructure will maintain and grow the Koura’s value.

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