Konzortia Capital’s Perspectives of Expansion Improve

The wide array of services contemplated in Konzortia Capital’s roadmap make it one of the most ambitious FinTech startups today, and perhaps one of the most ambitious in the whole 21st century. These ambitions, however, are grounded in a solid plan, with a sensible and thorough understanding of the realities of the current markets. 

In 2020, the tendencies of banks and other financial institutions to adopt financial technologies has increased dramatically. And in 2021, the momentum and growth of FinTech companies is expected to keep up as digital assets and alternative investment present opportunities for investors to avoid the stock markets bubble. In this context, a virtuous circle is emerging in the FinTech industry, in which the higher demand for new financial technologies drives companies, governments, banks and other institutions to invest in FinTechs, while these new sources of funding make the industry as a whole more dynamic and attractive. 

The release of SBank could not be coming in a better moment than the current one. SBank’s platform is created not just to be one of the most efficient and cost-effective alternatives in the market, but also one of the most widely inclusive ones. It is designed with the needs of individual users and institutions alike. Being based in the Konzortia Capital Distributed Ledger (KCDL), it provides a great resource and technological framework for banks, governments and companies of all sizes to carry out transactions, while at the same time offering a streamlined service of worldwide instant feeless remittances for the average consumer.  

SBank is making its way into a trillionaires market with cutting edge technologies and one of the most groundbreaking business models the industry has seen. Its released remains programmed for Q1 2021, with a more specific date very close to being revealed. The development of the application is on its last stretch and dialogues are almost concluded with potential partner banks. 

 This is thus the perfect time for those intending to become a part of the revolution of banking and financial services to have a close look at the investment opportunities currently offered by Konzortia. To that end, we encourage anyone interested to find more information about the company at www.konzortiacapital.com, to take the necessary steps to make a proper evaluation.  

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