Konzortia Capital’s interconnected DLT network will change the financial system for good: this is how it’ll work!

There’s been a lot of talk about Konzortia Capital’s three subsidiary companies, and how each of them has the potential to revolutionize its own field. Many potential customers and people interested in getting a stake at the company have been writing to us asking how the consortium works as a unified financial ecosystem. Although we go into further detail in the company’s pitch deck as well as other documents that are sent exclusively upon request, here we want to make a very simplified explanation for anyone who might have an interest.

The company Konzortia Capital inc. has three subsidiary companies under its wing, SBank, InvestHub and Capitalista. Each of these companies offers financial services for the specific needs of a wide array of different types of users. SBank is going to be the world’s first truly globalized bank, with instant global remittances and P2P transfers with small or inexistent fees. InvestHub is going to allow companies of any size, industry or jurisdiction to raise capital freely for a very small cost, by connecting those companies with investors around the world, and offering those investors tools to track down the best investment opportunities. Capitalista will serve as a broker on a global secondary market, where the companies that succeed in their campaigns on InvestHub will be able to list their equities, under a global market index called the New Asset Offering (NAO).

The services offered by each subsidiary individually can create immense value for companies, investors and regular users alike, but what truly sets these companies apart is the way in which those services are interconnected. All three are will operate under a single distributed ledger technology network called the KCDL.  All transactions that take place between each of the three platforms will do so freely, easily and instantly. As such, users will be able to fund their SBank account using cash or directly from their regular bank accounts, and then use those funds to invest on InvestHub or trade on Capitalista. Likewise, the profits each user gains from their investments or trades will be easil brought bank to their SBank accounts, where they’ll be able to send it, spend it or withdraw it in a matter of seconds and with no added fees.

The interconencted nature of SBank, InvestHub and Capitalista under the KCDL will represent an all-new experience for users, where they’ll be able to manage and use their money with real freedom. Gone will be the days of paying burdensome fees to transfer money across different financial platforms, or having to wait for minutes, hours or even days for a transaction to take place. The cutting-edge distributed ledger technology platform allows for true decentralization coupled with unparalleled security, while automating contract issuing and payment processing to ensure users the best possible experience.


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