Konzortia Capital’s Happy New Year’s Eve and Perspectives for 2021

Despite the many difficulties that the world has had to face, there were a lot of positive things which vastly outweigh the negative ones, and most importantly, there is a lot to look forward to. So, the first thing we want to do is wish every one of our investors, supporters and their families a happy New Year’s Eve. May this 2021 bring a lot of success and blessings into your lives. We know it will, because your success is our success, and we are going to be working tirelessly to bring our plans for this upcoming year into fruition. 

The first milestone that we’re reaching will be the launch of the SBank MVP platform into the market, allowing users to finally experience the future of the financial transactions for themselves. This, however will only be a glimpse into what we’re going to bring to the table in terms of services and products. It will allow us to start building a userbase and a bigger name across an international market. Once a userbase is built, with a good reputation among consumers, it will be much easier to present the enterprise to institutional investors in order to finance the rest of the funding round. 

Another great landmark planned for the end of 2021 is the launch of InvestHub, whereas the launch of Capitalista is meant for some point in 2022. To achieve this, we’ve made great efforts throughout the year to grow our staff, and have managed to recruit a world-class multicultural team that is more than capable of tackling the enormous challenge ahead of us. From then on, the task will be to develop all the necessary partnerships and strategies needed for the distributed ledger to remain fully functional and viable in terms of the availability of its assets, the liquidity of its currencies and all of the things that a financial platform entails. 

Without a doubt 2021 will be an amazing year full of milestones and leaps for the company, but also one full of challenges and hard work. We wish that you, as a supporter or investor, will keep accompanying us in the challenges ahead. There are great things coming for this industry and this enterprise, as well as great rewards to reap for those who dare hold to their visions and work to make them tangible realities. And for all the challenges ahead, we want to wish you a Happy New Year.   

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