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Konzortia Capital is a holding company for the consortium of FinTech companies making up the Konzortia infrastructure. By introducing a New Asset Offering (NAO) that creates liquidity for the company’s equity the consortium manages to remain private.

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How did all of this start?

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Why is it so difficult for startups to accumulate the necessary capital within the necessary time frame to take their project to the next level? By the time many projects get funded through traditional routes, larger companies have already launched a similar project ahead of them.

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Raising capital for startups and companies is becoming more difficult as globalization and technology makes state borders less and less relevant in a business context. The existing banking system in many countries can be a real challenge, while using remittance services can be ineffective, expensive and time consuming. Konzortia brings a real and innovative solution to the global financial market, providing the efficiency global organizations need.

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Konzortia´s Founder was just a regular businessman, with financial obligations just like everyone else, always looking for places to put his money to work and get substantial returns.


Getting fed up with finding great investment opportunities lacking a clear exit strategy, or liquid investments with only a limited potential to produce returns — in most cases with no dividends, he decided to take matters into his own hands and develop a system where the many are not left in the dust behind the big players.


When the best opportunities are kept for a small group of privileged elite investors, the market is not as dynamic and able to develop as quickly as it could be. That means that these opportunities just don’t come across your table, and if they do, by the time they get to you, it’s already too late to experience the type of returns that you deserve.


A great company that can cause a real impact in the financial sector is not born every day, which is why the FinTech revolution that is just getting of the ground is likely the most exciting development the industry has ever seen.

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