Konzortia Capital to Address a 12 Trillion Dollar Market

The Global Market Insight recently released its market studies on the field of digital banking, concluding that the digital banking market reached a value of 8 trillion dollars by the end of 2019, and this value is expected to reach up to 12 trillion dollars by 2026. The total money moved through digital banking transactions reached a stunning 700 trillion dollars in the current year. The digital banking market is moving at unprecedented speeds, and by the following decade, branching services could become rare. 

With its SBank platform, Konzortia Capital aims to bring the industry a step forward towards a full digitalization of the banking system. SBank will go beyond common digital banking platforms by using cutting edge distributed ledgers to allow for unique services, such as real time global remittances with little to no cost, which can be sent within an integrated chat function, which makes digital transactions as easy as sending a text message. Furthermore, unlike most neobank and challenger applications SBank is supported by a clear revenue generating model, built within the Konzortia Capital Distributed Ledger. 

The results of the Global Market Insights study bring great prospects for investors within the digital banking and financial technologies industries. As a company aiming to radically revolutionize the financial landscape through groundbreaking technologies, we believe that the already highly positive expectations for the digital banking landscape will be surpassed, and that the growth could be much higher than it is expected. 

 As of today, many of the biggest traditional banks are investing in new technologies in order to cater the demand of faster, easier, and more seamlessly interconnected services. Young and old generations alike are embracing financial technologies and the new ways of banking, investing and trading they provide. Thus, we invite our readers to find out more about the ways in which Konzortia Capital intends to redesign the financial industry, by using technologies to create a more efficient and inclusive financial world. To do so, you may visit www.konzortiacapital.com and subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest news about the company and the industry. You may also find incredible investment opportunities within the booming FinTech industry at www.konzortia.capital.  

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