Konzortia Capital & Skala’s Strategic Joint Venture

Konzortia Capital, the revolutionary fintech holding is announcing its strategic Joint Venture with Skala, the opensource, blockchain business platform.


February 25, 2020 – San Jose, CR. –

Founded in 2019 and headquartered in San Jose Costa Rica, we are Konzortia Capital, a private company that functions as a holding of a fintech consortium that specializes in developing blockchain-based financial applications that aim to redefine the financial world.

 And we are pleased to announce our joint venture with the UK-based b2c/b2b and marketing platform company: Skala.

Skala will honor this agreement by also partaking in a strategic investment on the private sale stage of our groundbreaking fintech startup. This means, Skala will provide capital to support our continued traction and momentum as a consortium.

Some background on Skala

Skala, an UK-based private company specialized in the b2c/b2b and marketing sector, that’s also the creator of Skala Platform, an innovative solution based on blockchain technology and that offers a:

  • Replicable, modifiable and decentralized platform.
  • Under an open source software model that will allow its community to develop their own scalable business structures.
  • Takes advantage of the economics of direct sales.
  • And -breaking current barriers for the generalized business environment- a collaborative b2c/b2b network.

Seamlessly integrating itself with the value addition capability of the financial industry, the virally propagated nature of direct sales and the automated processing along with the crypto safety of blockchain technology by introducing the next step on scalable business models.

Introducing the most advanced means of tackling the challenge of:

  • Efficient and cost-effective logistics and marketing systems.
  • Human resources scouting and management.
  • And project productivity for startups that want to model their projects after a direct sales approach.
  • A single web-based decentralized platform where the accumulated experience of every business can be transmitted to all other ventures and bypass current b2b/b2c communication barriers and ensure mutual traction and momentum.
  • An Exchange/OTC system for crypto and currency exchange.

All running on a revenue source based on commissions that’s obtained from all businesses carried out on the proprietary platform and also on the ones developed by the use of their open source software.

This is possible by ruling all transactions within the ecosystem with the use of the SKALA token and granting its users the access to its business module source software that they can create and customize to their needs and goals, so it can be developed and turned into radically different business platforms.

This unique pairing of the SKALA token and the OTC Exchange for currency exchange, guarantees real world liquidity and an immediate exit strategy for all users.

Why this partnership makes sense?

Walter Gomez, CEO and founder of Konzortia Capital, stated, “Skala is a perfect partner for Konzortia Capital. They’re wholly supportive of our uncompromised vision to shift the antiquated and restrictive standards of the investment, crowdfunding and banking sectors to one deserving of today’s modern world. Skala’s ability to flexibly and resourcefully deploy capital equates our ongoing insightful tactics to seed funding.”

Jack Smith, CFO at Skala, remarked, “Skala is excited to partner with Walter Gomez, Muzzafar Iqbal and the rest of the brilliant Konzortia team. We believe in the holding’s traction and potential to deliver best-in-class innovative applications, strong brand, and goal-oriented business model will help Konzortia achieve a leadership position in the fast-growing financial technologies’ market. We look forward to supporting Konzortia from the ground floor of its journey with our strategic investment.”

This joint venture agreement will allow Konzortia to:

  • Influence the development of the Skala Generation App.
  • Provide a white label solution for Skala to create an exchange; allowing users to buy Skala (SKL) Token using Bitcoins and exchange them for fiat currency, or Koura.
  • Provide a white label solution by allowing Skala Generation users to access NovaBank applications, so they can store the money they earn within the program in NovaBank’s wallet.

What does this mean for Konzortia Capital?

It means that we will be able to migrate at least 50K users from Skala Generation to our decentralized platform once NovaBank is launched adding a huge clientele base from the start.

Also, Skala Platform has agreed to invest 5 Million US dollars into Konzortia Capital once their ICO is reached which will accelerate our momentum in the market.

About Konzortia Capital

Konzortia Capital is the private company that acts as a holding for our consortium. This consortium is formed by InveStart, Capitalista and NovaBank, the companies running each of the synergistic and complementary ecosystems that will allow startups and others to raise capital, perform all types of financial trades and exchange fiat currency and digital equity assets.

All types of companies worldwide will be able to:

  • Raise their capital requirements through the creation of their own New Asset Class (NAC).
  • Make all the trades required from anywhere in the world on a single, worldwide stock index.
  • Exchange the currencies needed from a single platform.
  • While investors could cash out quickly on their investments and continue to make their money work for them.

Our vision -shared with all our investors during this private sale stage- will endeavor to make these services available through:

  • Physical, real world locations.
  • Or a cross-platform application all in one proprietary system.

All done using our proprietary type of digital equity, the new asset class named Koura.

Following both companies’ vision of shared success among current and future organizations, the Skala / Konzortia Capital joint venture and strategic investment in Konzortia Capital is set to strengthen their growth in a hectic and changing world where visions without a solid foundation and constant reinvention, never reach their potential.

For more information on this investment announcement please contact:

Name: Paul Santos

Phone: +1(647)930.1617

Email: info@konzortia.capital

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