Konzortia Capital Opening Avenues Towards Further Expansion

2021 has begun with the right foot, with our team back to work after a brief break and everything back and running again to develop our products, raise capital, grow our team and execute all of our plans for the year. Currently, our most pressing objective is to make the final touches to get the SBank application ready to hit the markets in the following months.

As we’ve previously stated, our intention is for the release of SBank to allow us to get further traction, by creating an organic userbase that will grow within our SBank platform and hopefully expand towards our other upcoming services. With an established userbase, our proposal should become substantially more attractive to venture capital firms, family offices, broker dealers and other institutional investors. With institutional investors onboard we’ll seamlessly get to the next funding stage, and accelerate the development of the InvestHub and Capitalista platforms.

In addition, we’ve diversified our own approach to raising capital, and are also applying to different equity platforms through which we expect to get a push in our capital raising process, as they’ll facilitate our access to accredited investors. Likewise, we’re taking the necessary steps to carry out an equity-based crowdfunding campaign, which will mean an additional financial boost for the last phases of the current funding stages. This more diverse strategy will allow us to raise the necessary funds to reach our upcoming milestones without being entirely tied up to our in-house campaign.

Aside from a few improvements in our planned, everything is going as anticipated, and the release of SBank is well on its way. By the first quarter of this year, we expect that users will be enjoying the revolutionary features of SBank, experiencing an all-new way to manage their finances. For those who want to follow the release and receive the latest information about its development processes, as well as other Konzortia Capital products and platforms, visit www.konzortiacapital.com and subscribe to our newsletter. Do not forget to also follow us in our social media platforms to stay engaged.

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