Konzortia Capital Leading the Way Towards a Future of Tokenized Assets

One of the most interesting possibilities being opened by latest financial technologies is the process known as tokenization. It consists of allowing any type of financial asset to be traded or issued in the form of a liquid digital asset known as a token, which represents a measure of ownership over that asset. As such, an investor is able to own and trade a certain number of tokens which can represent values in equities, real estate, commodities, bonds, or whichever else, instantly and directly, without the need for intermediaries. This is possible thanks to the unique capacities of distributed ledger technologies, which are able to automatize even complex processes like contract creation, verification and settlement. As a result, transactions that would normally take weeks, can be carried in a matter of minutes and without borders, making the tokenized assets highly liquid. 

Konzortia Capital aims to bring this concept to a new level, developing a platform in which the entire financial industry is expected to be able to participate. To achieve this, the company employs a business strategy in which three subsidiary companies, SBank, InvestHub and Capitalista, will lend the necessary services for individuals, companies and other institutions to access the distributed ledger platform. SBank will provide the banking platform in which users will be able to digitize their money to move it with much more freedom, with the ability to make instant global remittances and seemingly exchange currencies. Once their money is digitized through SBank, users will be able to invest it on InvestHub, a platform in which companies will be able to issue their equities digitally without being restricted by their location, size, industry or jurisdiction. Finally, Capitalista will host and broker a secondary market in which companies will be able to trade their digital equities globally once they succeed in their capital raising campaigns on InvestHub.  

With the combined services within the Konzortia Capital Distributed Ledger (KCDL), institutions, companies and regular users will exercise unprecedented amounts of control over their money and portfolios. Capital will be a lot more accessible for small and medium enterprises, paving the way for higher innovation and entrepreneurship. The financial system will finally become fully inclusive, as more users will be able to access to of the line financial services at a lower cost and on a simplified interface. As a result, economies in which the KCDL is adopted are prone to being faster, better interconnected and more dynamic. This is the power that the tokenization of financial assets can have, and Konzortia Capital is developing the platform for users to harness it. 

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