Konzortia Capital ensures safety and efficiency amid an increasingly changing world

2020 was a year that reshaped everything. The Covid-19 pandemic imposed change upon us all, and the financial industry was one of the sectors forced to evolve. Physical infrastructures became obsolete and there was a need to develop digital solutions to replace what was missing. As a result, the FinTech industry, which has been flourishing during the past ten years, is on the rise today. The financial industry has adapted and the technological innovations that are coming will further revolutionize the financial world. FinTechs have already changed the way in which financial transactions are done, they have made capital easier to access, and they have improved the overall customer experience, all the while ensuring the security of stakeholders. 

Konzortia Capital looks towards the future and offers the possibility to grow in the face of new challenges. We are creating a new interconnected financial ecosystem designed to maximize financial transactions, making them more efficient and accessible to users. We offer solutions that provide a simple way of raising capital. Our three subsidiary companies: SBankInvestHub and Capitalista, will operate under a single interconnected Distributed Ledger platform, allowing for simpler, faster and more secure transactions. Users can move their capital back and forth between the three platforms very easily and for free. The system we have designed will be a global platform for the entire financial industry to operate. It will truly revolutionize the financial world on a global scale. 

SBank is one of the three main pillars of our company: our borderless online bank, which will offer functions that surpass those of any challenger or neobank. Whereas challenger banks cannot ensure the safety of their users’ capital and do not provide their own banking services, SBank is 100% safe and ensures that transactions take place within the platform. 

SBank offers an experience that is both new and familiar and is determined to radically modernize bank transactions, blurring the difference between remittance and banking services. Our platform will operate globally, and users can make instant transactions from anywhere in the world. The platform allows users to make cross-border multicurrency instant money transfers at very little cost with the simple use of a chat feature. Companies can benefit greatly and simplify their transactions as well, as SBank enables the processing of payments directly to their SBank account. 

Konzortia Capital’s goal is to simplify transactions and make the financial industry more accessible to everyone. The pandemic highlighted the need for a more inclusive and efficient platform. Konzortia Capital offers a solution with organic valuation of private equity in the face of a stock market bubble that has inflated prices up to 20 times their real value. Our platform is safe, efficient and accessible. A welcoming system that will simplify any and every financial transaction. 


For more information please visit https://konzortiacapital.com/ 


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