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Logo Konzortia

Call Now +1(206)347-0838

Are you a call center manager looking for an amazing project?

You’re in the right place! Keep reading to find out more...

This project will not just bring great profit to call centers involved, but will also an opportunity present a great investment opportunity for their prospects

Get more info about our Campaign

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A real opportunity

The average contract for Call Centers can offer a decent revenue, but only commission-based contracts bring the opportunity to make game changing profits. 


We’re a startup company offering excellent earning potential for the right candidates. We want to establish a long-term, and mutually beneficial partnership with those who manage to fulfil our expectation during a short trial period. 


Not every potential client for your Call Center has good intentions, especially when dealing with campaigns in the financial industry. This often results in Call Centers being misled into participating in illegal operations. Our campaign is carried in accordance to the SEC regulations 

We'll provide:

We’ll provide the necessary training and documentation for you to qualify leads, make sure they’re properly liquid, get them interested in our investment opportunity and, if you choose to do to so, close the deals with them. 


We encourage you to purchase fresh leads for Private Placement InvestorsPre-IPO investors and Accredited Investors. 

What we won’t do:

The following statements are non-negotiable regardless of the model that you
choose to work with:

  • We will not pay for dialers.
  • We will not pay to purchase leads for you to call.
  • We will not pay per seats/agents.
  • We will not pay a retainer.
  • We will not pay a monthly fee.
  • We will not pay in advance.

Why potential investors should be interested.

These are some of the key elements that commonly arise in the evaluation of any business opportunity: 

  • Measured Risk 
  • High ROI 
  • High Dividends 
  • Continued Revaluation 
  • A Clear exit strategy 


Why is Konzortia an Opportunity for Investors?

By investing in Konzortia Capital, Investors will be part of a project that will revolutionize the financial markets. This will be achieved thanks to a highly sophisticated business model aimed at a 700-billion-dollar market, where there is a high demand and a clear exit strategy, and thus a low risk. At the head of this project is a talented and grounded management team. 


Most importantly, we’re a legitimate private placement filed and registered with the US Security Exchange Commission, under the SEC Exemption C of Regulation D, Rule 506. 


Our Payment Models

A different payment model will apply depending on whether you choose to only generate the leads or also close the deals with them.  


The Lead Generation model will allow you to earn a commission based on the leads you’re able to generate, resulting in a successful investment, whereas the full cycle model will earn you the pure commission for generating the leads and closing the deals.  

Konzortia Call Center 06

We have two different models:

Need a custom plan? we can talk to reach an agreement, get in touch and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Will you be part of our campaign?

To apply your call center for Konzortia’s capital-raising campaign during its private placement stage, please contact us using the information below. 

Get to know our Campaign

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Bragging Rights

Not everyone has the ability to say that they helped a company as big as Microsoft or Apple while they were still in a private stage. 

In 2020, Konzortia Capital will revolutionize the financial markets to a degree that is only comparable to the way the internet revolutionized the world of communications.  Only a few visionary companies, workers and investors will have the privilege of saying that they were a part of this revolution. 


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