How would you like making six figures commissions just by leveraging your existing clients’ portfolios?

If you’re an independent professional with access to clients who would appreciate an investment with 40-80% yearly returns, this is an opportunity for you!

Make Serious Money

Along with your clients
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Are you a good fit for THIS OPPORTUNITY?

Are you an independent
professional with high-level

Are you able to do an
introductory speech?

Do you have experience
closing deals with clients?

Are you able to show to your
clients why they can´t afford
to miss this opportunity?

This is an opportunity to allow
your clients, friends, family or
general acquaintances to
generate a great ROI with
minimized risk

Earn great commissions while
enabling your clients to access
a great opportunity...

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Do you have access to high level investors who are looking for an opportunity with high ROI?

Or do you have connections in the world of private equity fundings?

Would you be interested in earning serious income by recommending our investment opportunity to your professional network?

An opportunity like this one doesn’t come knocking on your door everyday…

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No Regrets!

We are

Logo Konzortia

The company that will redesign the financial markets for good

Why is Konzortia Capital a business sound opportunity?

The Company

  • Scalable Business Model
  • Booming Fintech industry
  • Large Addressable Market
  • Differentiated Product
  • High ROI Traction
  • Traction
  • Momentum

How to get involved?

You Fill out the form and request more information. We clear all of your questions

We sign a contract

We will provide you with proper documentation

We'll provide you with an expedited training

We will provide you with continuous back office assistance

These are some of the reasons why many savvy investors choose us

as their preferred sophisticated investment option:

  • Private sale stage, compliant with all legalities and requirements.
  • Portfolio diversification.
  • Early entry opportunity at preferred price.
  • High yield dividend equity.
  • Possibility of exponential growth.
  • Minimized risk
  • Clear Exit Strategy

What’s in it for you?

Just by referring us to potential investors or closing funding deals with them, you’ll be able to access these benefits:

How much do you expect your clients to invest in total?

Don’t miss the opportunity to earn great commissions!

Still have doubts?

Don't worry, we have condensed all the information you need to know into a pdf that you can download and read while having a good coffee.

Make Serious Money Along with your clients

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Become part of what many investors believe will become

the greatest company of the 21st century

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