Konzortia Capital: An Investment in The Future

Investors are always looking for the best opportunities available on the market. A solid investment that offers clear benefits, yields returns and potential dividends, and helps them expand their network. But capital gains are not the only benefit investors can obtain when investing in a company. They are also given the opportunity to boost change. Financing a young company with the goal to change the world as we know it can make investors part of something revolutionary. But it requires a visionary investor to detect these opportunities among every other investment available.

Konzortia Capital offers an investment opportunity including all these aforementioned benefits. We offer investors the possibility to get in on a company with a sophisticated and scalable business model, carefully designed to fit the thriving FinTech industry and grow consistently throughout the necessary financing rounds.

Our subsidiaries, SBank, InvestHub and Capitalista, will provide accessible, secure and cost-efficient financial services. The wide variety of users we could potentially obtain for all these services gives Konzortia Capital plenty of room for growth. Not only will our companies provide services in banking, capital raising, investing and trading, but we will attain a global reach as well, progressively expanding until our services are available in all five continents.

An investment in Konzortia Capital also offers a clear exit strategy built within our business model. Thanks to Capitalista’s secondary market for private equity, where users will be able to invest in any tradeable asset in the world, our Konzortia Capital investors will have the possibility to liquidate their position once Capitalista launches, in no more than a year. By 2022 investors could potentially be seeing a 447% to 1020% ROI, depending on the package they invest in.

Last but not least is the fact that Konzortia Capital is a visionary company determined to change the financial industry as a whole and make it more accessible to everyone. We want to reshape the financial transaction that everyone takes for granted and provide a completely new user experience through our interconnected financial ecosystem. Investors who choose Konzortia Capital can proudly call themselves visionaries. And they should.


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