Konzortia Capital Announces Full Acquisition of Paraforge

New York, NY- Konzortia Capital has formally announced the full acquisition of data analytics company Paraforge. Negotiations began in November of 2021, and concluded on May 18th, 2022- resulting in a full share purchase of Paraforge. The deal was valued at $5.3 million. Walter Gomez, CEO of Konzortia Capital, called the deal “the catalyzing agent that will truly propel Konzortia’s technological capabilities forward.”

Konzortia Capital is a B2B financial technology company powering the next generation of PE and VC investments by leveraging cutting edge technological advancements to address the unique needs of their client bases. The fully integrational, end-to-end service caters to two distinct segments: institutional actors looking to close the gaps in fund formation and access relevant deal flow opportunities, and startups who need assistance in developing their products and initiating complex, larger-value capital raises.

Paraforge is an applied learning artificial intelligence company that perfectly marries large-volume data aggregation with leveraging ML/AI for all types of users interested in raising capital and liquidity sourcing to solve of array of problems within the alternative investment space. The dynamic, self-populating engine curates matches for users based on limited data points and are categorized by the highest likelihood of an interaction resulting in a positive match. InvestHub, a subsidiary of Konzortia will begin incorporating the technological components of Paraforge. The goal for the coming weeks is a full integration of Paraforge’s technology and capabilities, and a complete rebranding to align with InvestHub’s products. “Paraforge as a company could not be more thrilled by this next phase of mutual growth and expansion. The integration of these two entities will change the investment landscape for the better- for actors at all stages of capital raising or deployment.”

Konzortia Capital takes pride in not only meeting, but surpassing the expectations of each client- regardless of how dynamic their needs are. This acquisition could not come at a better time for Konzortia to do just that. “Market trends in VC and PE are shifting rapidly,” says Gomez. “Funds are becoming much more judicious in how they source investments, and have become much more fiscally disciplined- which matches the overall trends in more conservative valuations and rising inflation. This acquisition will leave our institutional clients more strongly positioned to select high-caliber investments aligned with their investment thesis, while our startups will be able to raise the capital they need for successful launches.”

Konzortia Capital
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