Konzortia applies pioneering blockchain technology to capital markets


Konzortia Capital’s InvestHub platform is applying blockchain technology to private capital markets through an in-house distributed ledger capacity. With it, InvestHub offers liquidity to ownership stakes. Digitized project positions can be available as the secondary market is established.

Many investors are unaware that blockchain can be used for its advanced software capabilities without bringing in some of the current confusion of cryptocurrencies. InvestHub applies blockchain in just that way, facilitating digital recordkeeping that carries much further into secure transaction settlement followed then by a new secondary market for liquidity of ownership stakes.

In a pithy way, Deloitte’s 2021 Global Blockchain Survey concludes that the adoption and broad use of blockchain technology are expected to expand rapidly because of the following characteristics of blockchain: “Money is fast; the movement of money is cheap; the ability of ownership is easy; the ability to offer a stake in a company to raise capital is instant; and the overall velocity of economic activity will be exponential.”

Konzortia’s CEO Walter Gomez says about the use of blockchain: “We see great financial value for the funders and founders we have committing their dealmaking to our InvestHub platform. Blockchain and its expanding advantages are part of the financial benefit they enjoy in our new ecosystem for private capital.”

Konzortia is scaling the offering of this investment platform with a Pre-Series A Round of $3. 8 MM.

About Konzortia and InvestHub

Konzortia Capital is a FinTech consortium providing – through its InvestHub platform, VC/PE Deal Sourcing for Investors and funding opportunities for companies. Its value proposition includes a promise to Source – Match – Exit with the power of AI/ ML and blockchain technology. In-house Distributed Ledger System gives transparent transactions with real-time settlement. InvestHub is the first mainstream platform to provide for both funding and exit strategies. More information at www.konzortia.capital

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