Investors Can Now Find Us on Fundable and on IPN!

Konzortia Capital has been on a constant journey towards growth from the very beginning our founder decided to completely transform the financial industry by providing solutions that make it more efficient, cost-effective and accessible, all in an interconnected financial ecosystem that provides security, simplicity and transparency. Our company is as ambitious as it is necessary for the financial industry, and every day we get one step closer to reaching our ultimate goal.

In order to continue growing, we have been running a financing round that will take us where we need to go. For months now, we have been running several in-house capital raising campaigns that have helped us connect with individual investors who understand the solutions we will bring to the markets and did not want to miss the exclusive opportunity of being a part of this company. In addition, we have been launching several campaigns in private equity platforms that will help us reach our financing goal soon. We have already been featured on OnePager VC, a platform that allows us to share our vision with potential investors and make the Konzortia Capital family greater every day. We are now happy to announce that we are featured on Fundable as well. Both these platforms will allow us to finish this current financing round soon and start moving on to the next stage in our business plan.

Not only are we featured in both these platforms, but we have also been approved by Investors Private Network (IPN), an exclusive private equity platform that holds select investors from Europe and the Middle East. After several weeks of careful consideration by the board, who thoroughly reviewed our proposal to determine whether to let us launch their campaign with them or not, we were approved to be featured on this platform. The process was quite extensive, as not anyone is allowed to pitch their project to such professional investors who make contributions of no less than 1 million dollars. However, the board understands our vision as well and believes that the solutions that we are going to bring to the market are exactly what the financial industry needs right now.

These campaigns are going to boost our growth and help us get where we need in the shortest amount of time possible. We are positive that access to investors is all we need to reach our funding goals, as we believe in our financial solutions and the positive impact they can generate in the financial industry.

If you also see what we see and would like to become a part of Konzortia Capital before it’s too late, you can visit, leave us your contact information, and a member of our investor relations team will reach out to you as soon as possible.


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