Investments made easy: the new paradigm of Financial Technologies

Years have come to prove that submerging yourself into the financial industry to increase your net worth can provide substantial returns. However, there are still those who completely disagree with the concept of investments as a formal form of work, and relegate that field to pure haphazard.

However, and although it’s frequently forgotten, decision making regarding investments can be truly exhausting, as it involves a huge amount of stress risk on a daily basis. Technically speaking, in order to achieve profitable results, investing not only requires a considerable amount of previous financial education and research, but also demands a qualified surrounding that can help you walk (or run, if possible) towards your specific goals, without leaving the consequences of your decision to chance.

FinTechs, the providers of digital financial services, have disrupted the financial industry by providing quick and easy access to most financial services available today. Through the creation of smart and efficient solutions, these new and fast-growing industry has become a game-changer regarding the investment word. Their overall goal is to make financial transactions more accessible, streamlined and cost-efficient. Plus, they are now focusing on transforming the customer experience into an adventure that can be entertaining, illuminating and simple.

Ensuring benefits for both investors and entrepreneurs, burgeoning companies such as InvestHub are being developed with a system based on a globally-connected network. These platforms give investors the possibility of finding startups from any location, industry or size that are raising capital and looking for capital. At the same time, they give startups the chance of improving their pitch deck and their business model to present it to the most suitable investors and seriously increase their chances of raising capital.

All types of investors, both individual and institutional, from venture capital firms, to angel investors, to amateur investors, are welcome to access InvestHub’s base of private companies to find a wide set of profitable investment options. At the same time, the platform also provides quality financial education to help startups thrive in their industry. Furthermore, InvestHub will feature a secondary market thanks to its sister company Capitalista. Companies will be able to avoid the costly and cumbersome process of an IPO and include an exit strategy on their business plan, which, in turn, can greatly benefit investors who are looking for a clear exit plan when investing in a private company.

It is undeniable that well-dosed technological developments applied to the financial industry are resulting in massive benefits for both entrepreneurs and investors. However, relying on them as an assured fructiferous destiny for your financial transactions inevitably requires trustworthy, professional, and secure platforms. Doing your research, making sure you educate yourself, and relying on ethical, transparent companies to increase your net worth might be the best way of reaching the top of the financial industry. For successful investment are definitely not, against popular opinions, a matter of sheer luck.

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