InvestHub is Coming Live!

Today, Konzortia Capital, a growth-focused FinTech consortium, has announced the launch of the Alpha Version of their global private equity and venture capital platform: InvestHub. This cutting-edge platform will grant investors access to the best investment opportunities available, regardless of their size.

InvestHub will work as a communication platform for both investors and entrepreneurs where they can connect, negotiate and reach mutually beneficial agreements. InvestHub is not only limited to investors and entrepreneurs; investors can also reach out to companies from around the globe. Entrepreneurs can access InvestHub to pitch their ideas to investors and raise capital.

InvestHub will also offer financial education and consulting services, on matters such as the development of a pitch deck, a valuation model, or a business plan. These tools and skills will be very helpful for entrepreneurs, as they will learn how to pitch their idea in the most effective way.

Companies that are interested in becoming part of InvestHub will need to be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). If they are registered under Regulation CF, then all types of investors can invest in their company. However, if they are registered under Regulation D, the opportunity will be open only to accredited investors. The funding that companies succeed in raising will be sent to an Escrow account, where it will be safely stored and ready to be used as their business plan indicates. To launch a campaign, InvestHub will charge a fixed fee to provide entrepreneurs access to investors. All investments made via InvestHub can be funded with any currency, fiat or digital.

InvestHub is the first of three companies of the Konzortia Capital consortium to launch to the public. This launch will be of the Alpha version; the Beta version will launch somewhere between September and October of 2021, whereas the full version is scheduled to launch in 2022.

For more information regarding InvestHub, Konzortia Capital or any of their future projects, you can visit If you would like to become a part of our exclusive family of investors, you can leave your contact information on the webpage and a member of our investor relations team will contact you at your earliest convienience.


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