InvestHub brings disruptive innovation to capital deal matchmaking


Konzortia Capital’s InvestHub platform is now live using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to identify best matches between funders and founders. InvestHub serves private capital market investors looking to fund high-potential projects and founders seeking interested capital to move their profitable ideas forward.

Walter Gomez, Founder and CEO of Konzortia Capital and experienced startup leader, speaks to InvestHub’s establishment of a new secondary market for alternative investments. Gomez said, “Private capital market investments – by VC, PE, institutions, and Accredited Investors – often find liquidity challenges for their ownership stakes. We at Konzortia are meeting that need with a new secondary market using technologies of AI, ML, and blockchain distributed ledger. This can be a game-changer for alternative investors.”

According to the 2022 West Monroe Survey of 100 Private Equity Leaders, “70% said they will use more data during the diligence process, and 68% said they will use more tech and tools, versus people.” These statistics clearly indicate that Konzortia is positioned as a unique leader with a distinct competitive advantage in the market ready for explosive growth. The company is already leveraging its technology successfully to match projects with investors and is helping Startups and companies get access to capital in traditional markets as well as in underserved markets such as the US Midwest, LATAM, and Emerging Markets.

InvestHub also brings liquidity to private markets with blockchain technology creating an in-house distributed ledger for digitized ownership in its curated deals. For all these innovations, Konzortia has a successful and seasoned management team, several of whom have brought previous startups to revenue and market and carried the effort through to profitable exits.

A recent study by Accenture on use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), reviewing 17 industry groupings, found Technology, Automotive, and Aerospace leading the pack in terms of AI adoption. Banking and Capital Markets was dead last in these findings for AI usage. InvestHub is determined to change some of that with comprehensive use for some of the best new technologies in the investment industry – AI, ML, and blockchain among them.

Konzortia Capital continues to drive innovation through the further development of its tools and services. Currently, the company is adding a predictive scorecard, advancing with its transparent blockchain settlement solution, and accelerating additional enhancements to its Intellectual Property. The company claims 800,000 Investors Globally and Hundreds of Thousands of Data Points that are updated daily and continuously growing.

Konzortia is scaling these efforts through the launch of a Pre-Series A Round with a funding total of $3.8 MM. The company finds itself in the unique and advantageous position as The Only Deal Sourcing Platform in Existence with AI and ML for Matching & Sourcing. InvestHub’s creation of an alternative investment secondary market offers a platform for stage escalation and transparent settlement of exit strategies.

The company promotes powerful claims, including:

  • AI Matches with 800,000 Investors Globally.
  • Hundreds of Thousands of Data Points, updating daily through ML.
  • Venture Associates providing Vetted and Curated Deal Flow.
  • Access to Projects & Capital in Underserved Markets: Midwest, LATAM & Emerging Markets

About Konzortia

Konzortia Capital is a FinTech consortium providing VC/PE effortless Deal Sourcing for Investors and funding opportunities for companies. As part of our value proposition, we promise to Source – Match – Exit. The recent acquisition of Paraforge and its AI / ML technology allows Konzortia Capital and its Intellectual Property (IP) to provide differentiated services and greater operational efficiency for the needs of the Private Market sector. Our in-house Distributed Ledger System will ensure transactions are transparent, secure, and clear in real-time. InvestHub is the first mainstream platform to provide transactions for funding and exit strategies.

About InvestHub

InvestHub is a platform that leverages Paraforge, our Artificial Intelligence technology which marries large-volume data aggregation with Machine Learning (ML). InvestHub is a global platform connecting investors and companies all over the world. Our in-house Distributed Ledger system will ensure transactions are transparent, secure, and clear in real-time. InvestHub is the first mainstream platform to provide transactions for funding and exit strategies.

For more information, please contact capital@konzortia.capital or visit our website at https://konzortia.capital/.

Konzortia Capital

Walter Gomez