InveStart. is the next generation of borderless, equity-based crowdfunding, allowing businesses from anywhere in the world to raise capital thru the creation of a proprietary New Asset Class. Investors will benefit from the inherited liquidity of this new asset class, as it can be liquidated thru Novabank and traded thru Capitalista once the New Asset Offering has taken place, and listed in the NAO Index.

One of the biggest challenges investors face when getting involved in a private venture is how to liquidate their investment. With the creation of a unique asset class thru the New Asset Offering (NAO), they get the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of investing in a private company while having a clear exit strategy.

  • Transactions will take place using Koura as the base currency.
  • Investors will acquire Kouras directly through Novabank using their debit/credit card, traditional bank wire or other alternative payment methods.
  • An account in Novabank will be created in their name and the Kouras will be accredited.
  • Next the investor will go to InveStart to invest their acquired Kouras in the New Assets — issued by the underlying company in InveStart — which is then directly transferred into their Novabank account.

Once the New Asset Offering finalizes, investors will be able to liquidate their New Assets thru Novabank or trade them freely on Capitalista’s platform.

The companies will receive the Kouras in their InveStart account during the NAO, once this finalizes, they will be able to liquidate them using their Novabank account.

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