Invest in the Next Unicorn´s Private Placement and Grow your Net Worth

Every startup company claims to be the next unicorn, but very few have what it takes to live up to such a title. A unicorn company is a startup which valuation reaches the 1-billion-dollar mark while still in a private phase. Needless to say, that those who invest in the next unicorn company during the early private placement stage yield incredible results in growing their net worth. During times of economic uncertainty, it’s hard to find a financial asset that could lead your net worth to grow significantly. Nevertheless, investing in the next unicorn company’s private placement might be possible at this very moment. 

It takes a lot for a startup company to have the potential to become the next unicorn. It must not just have an incredibly smart business model, but also a differentiated product aimed at a very large market, as well as an exceptional team with the ability to carry the task through. Luckily, there is a private company that happens to have each of these rare traits, and they’re in their private placement stage of funding right now, making this the perfect time to invest in an asset that can make your net worth grow at an incredible rate, even despite the current state of the global economy. 

The next unicorn company, currently in its private placement stage, is called Konzortia Capital. This is a private fintech consortium conformed by three highly innovative private companies called Novabank, InveStart and Capitalista. Each of these companies provides unique financial services using distributed ledger technologies. They range from multi-currency banking with instant feeless global remittances to global-scale capital raising and private placement investing without need for intermediaries. These services all take place within a distributed ledger ecosystem meant for the entire financial industry to operate. This financial DLT framework will host a secondary market for liquid stock-like private equities. This business model is expected to change the financial industry radically, revolutionizing the way in which private placement investments and other financial transactions are carried. This is largely the reason why this company has a high chance of becoming the next FinTech unicorn, and why it would be a mistake not to invest during its private placement. 

One of the most interesting aspects about Konzortia Capital, is that the equity being issued in the private placement comes in the form of a new digital asset class named Kor, which is made to be traded in Capitalista´s  secondary market. Because of this, despite being issued through a private placement, Kor will have the same level of liquidity in the mid-term as a publicly traded stock, while still keeping the inherent benefits of a private equity. This makes it the perfect asset to invest in for those wishing to recuperate from the economic recession and further grow their net worth, as it holds no correlation with the stock markets and is expected to grow exponentially throughout the next few years. 

Investing in the next unicorn’s private equity might seem like something almost impossible to achieve. Indeed, there is a reason why unicorn companies receive their name, as they’re incredibly rare and hard to come by. This is all the more reason why investors should not pass this opportunity to invest in the next unicorn’s private placement and increase their net worth in an unprecedented manner. To find out more about the business model and current state of the next unicorn’s private placement, you may visit, and to learn the details and projections of this investment opportunity, visit

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