How We Plan to Reshape the Financial Industry that Everyone Else Takes for Granted

Redesigning the financial industry is not easy. It is an institution with over a century of history that has experienced the highest ups and the lowest lows, and has survived every storm. However, there’s no denying that technological developments are reshaping the world as we know it. We at Konzortia Capital see this shift and are working in pursuit of this change. We believe that technological developments could make financial services available for everyone, and that’s our goal for the future.

Our three companies, SBank, InvestHub and Capitalista, will be launching their platforms in the upcoming months, and together, they will make up an interconnected financial ecosystem that ensures security and transparency for all transactions, as well as increased efficiency thanks to the Konzortia Capital Distributed Ledger (KCDL), a transformative technology with unique benefits for financial transactions. These platforms are planned to effectively close the gap between the financial industry and its participants, as they’ll stress the importance of making informed decisions and understanding the financial world. With an informed population and services accessible from any smartphone or computer, there’s no reason why anyone should be left out.

SBank will be Konzortia’s online banking platform, designed to provide banking services for both individuals and businesses. SBank’s real-time transaction clearance and settlement, as well as its low or even nonexistent fees, will be a big contender for service providers like Wester Union. SBank’s remittance services, which will be available online or offline via SBank authorized centers, will even open a bank account for unbanked individuals who send or receive a remittance. Other services such as Smart Pay (payment processing for SMEs, including contactless payments via QR code), or Smart Send (money transfers via a chat feature), are bound to make traditional banks struggle, as SBank’s focus is to improve customer experience so that every account offers tailor-made services for users that perfectly fit their needs.

Capitalista will be our trading and wealth management platform, where any investor will be able to access every tradeable asset in the world, both private and public. The platform will feature the first global secondary market for private equity, increasing investors' accessibility to the best investment opportunities, and it will complement this service with the required tools that investors need to make informed decisions. These tools will include AI and machine learning technologies that will understand user activity in order to advise investors on the best decisions based on their profile and their portfolio.

InvestHub will be our private equity and venture capital platform, redesigning the capital raising journey by offering practical services for both entrepreneurs and investors. When raising capital on InvestHub, a company’s size, industry or jurisdiction will not be an issue, nor will it be entrepreneurs’ lack of expertise. InvestHub will provide financial education for entrepreneurs to improve their business to make their projects more appealing to investors. All types of investors will also be welcome to join InvestHub and benefit from the best opportunities available in private equity.

At Konzortia, we understand that not every player in the financial industry has the same needs, and that is why we plan to adapt our services so that they fit everyone. We want to increase accessibility, efficiency and practicality, and truly democratize financial services. Konzortia’s platforms will not force users to adapt, but rather they’ll adapt to them and blend with their daily lives.

The best part? All of this will take place in a single, interconnected financial ecosystem, using transformative technologies that will close gaps, cross borders, and reach everyone around the world.

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