How We Plan to Follow Ant Group’s Legacy

Ant Group, a financial technology firm that runs China’s dominant digital payment platform, was last valued in 2018 at $150 billion; stock analysts estimate a current value of $200 billion, making it arguably the world’s most valuable unicorn. What is this company and how did it get to be so revolutionary?

Ant’s most important product is Alipay, the most popular digital payments app in China. It is used by more than 50% of China’s total mobile payments market, which is the largest in the world. Financial experts predict the mobile payment revolution won’t be slowing down any time soon, and Alipay is the global king in mobile payments. It also sells tech services to other Chinese financial and e-commerce businesses.

Alipay launched in 2004 and reached 1.2 billion users last year. Almost all of its growth has come in Asia, although they have established several U.S. partnerships with chains like Walgreens and Neiman Marcus. However, the target continues to be Asian users, as this move was done in order to let Alipay customers from China use the platform to make payments when shopping in America.

In the past year, Ant Group ranked first globally on blockchain-related patent applications. They have debuted several new technology projects, creating a financial ecosystem for their customers. OceanBase is a newly developed database working as a technology provider. Openchain, an independently worked-out technology platform, significantly reduced costs for small businesses. The upgrades on Alipay that focus on the digital platform construction serve as the main channel for the company in the shifting technological landscape.

We at Konzortia Capital see Ant Group as our biggest inspiration in terms of social and global impact. Our financial ecosystem aims to revolutionize the western world just like Ant Group changed the financial context for Asia as a whole. Our services will offer an ample variety of financial services, in banking, private equity investing, capital raising and trading, for a fraction of the current cost, in real time, with increased security and transparency. Our goal is to make financial services available to everyone and change the wolrd for the better as a result.

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