How to Interpret Sabotage within the FinTech Mark and Invest Accordingly

FinTech is a relatively new industry that saw an unprecedented level of growth in 2018, and is going through another important boom throughout the current year, having grown more than the six biggest banks in the world combined. In an industry so young and with so much potential, there is bound to be a high level of competition. Unfortunately, however, this competition is not always carried in honest terms. When a new idea emerges with the potential to gain a significant market share through a groundbreaking vision, there will always be will always be those who, due to either a lack of honesty or simply a lack of understanding, will deem it as a fraud or a scam. Konzortia Capital, being often recognized as one of the most revolutionary startups in the FinTech industry thanks to its unique business model and a high potential for growth, has recently been the target of similar accusations by would-be competitors. 

If successful, Konzortia Capital could radically change the financial markets, revolutionizing it to the same degree to which companies like Microsoft and Apple revolutionized the world of communications. Although this is an exciting idea for those who share this vision and understand its breadth, there are some actors within the industry that do not have the basis to compete, and thus will see it as a threat and try to dismiss it as a sort of scam. Perhaps, they believe that Konzortia Capital’s model might seem too good to be true, but this is a company for which innovation is part of its very purpose. Innovation cemented on grounded ideas, developed through leadership and determination, with a world class team. When it comes to showing its legitimacy and commitment, investors can rest easy, as Konzortia Capital’s actions and projections speak for themselves, as well as their constant efforts to ensure transparency. 

It is natural for investors who want to succeed, to be as critical and skeptical as possible of the investment opportunities brought to them, but it is also necessary for them to be open and learn to identify innovative ideas. This means being just as critical and skeptical of the voices that, with ill intentions, try to harm emerging enterprises through smear campaigns rather than competing in fair terms. We therefore encourage those of investing in a visionary new project, to see for themselves whether they share this vision. It is far too easy to make false accusations of scam or fraud when one lacks vision and does not appreciate unrelenting work. Only a few, however, have what it takes to change the world through new and groundbreaking ideas.  

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