How Konzortia Capital’s Financial Ecosystem Will Forever Change the Way You Invest

It has often been said that financial ecosystems are the future of the financial system, and as time goes by, this self-fulfilling prophecy gets close and close to becoming true. The biggest companies in the global market today are those that have managed to create wide and successful global ecosystems, such as Apple and Google on the West or Ant Group on the East. What these companies have in common is their ability to bring many retailers and companies of many different sizes together with millions of customers from many different locations, into interconnected platforms that offer a wide array of services. 

Financial ecosystems are wide groups of, investors, traders, consumers, companies and institutions of different sorts that operate together in connection to each other, sharing a set of given resources. They have the common interest of sharing, buying and selling products or services among each other, in symbiotic relations where all participants benefit in some way. Financial ecosystems often bring their participants together through technologies, employing various strategies inwards and outwards to become as profitable as possible for those that make a part of it, creating strong barriers of entry for potential competitors. 

With our groundbreaking business model, we Konzortia Capital, are one of the most ambitious frameworks for an ecosystem of financial products, services and technologies, and we’ll be making our entry into the markets this year. Our model consists of an interconnected network shared among three subsidiary companies, SBank, InvestHub and Capitalista, which will be held together by the use of a distributed ledger technological framework called the KCDL.  

SBank will provide a worldwide online banking system that will enable instant global remittances with low or inexistent fees, as well as a plethora of quality-of-life features and functions catered towards different types of clients. Businesses of all sizes and individuals of all incomes, spending habits and demographics will all have something to gain from it. InvestHub will provide a global-scale private equity platform, connecting companies and investors of all sizes regardless of their industry, location or jurisdiction. Capitalista will host the first truly globalized secondary market of liquid stock-like assets, where companies that succeed on their InvestHub capital raising campaigns will be able to issue and list their equities. 

This will form a fully interconnected global financial system, meant to replace outdated models such as the SWIFT and connect all stock exchanges around the world. Konzortia’s ecosystem aims at providing efficient, secure and uncostly solutions for all actors in the financial system, from individual consumers to retailers, businesses of all sizes, investors, traders, banks and just about any type of financial institution. This is where the new step unto a truly free and globalized market begins. 

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