How Konzortia Capital Will Improve Your Holiday Seasons Starting Next Year

Money is probably the last thing you want to think about during the holidays, nevertheless it also ends up being one of the main concerns of most people, since this is the time of the year in which they tend to spend the most. Although Konzortia’s services are not going to be out in the market yet by these upcoming holidays, the very way in which we celebrate them will change forever, along with the financial industry when they’re finally out. Financial technologies are already changing many aspects of daily life and bringing people together in unprecedented ways, but the aspects that make Konzortia unique could shift your holidays in a very positive way. 

The first and most obvious is that which entails money expenditure. A platform like SBank, the online bank in the Konzortia Capital consortium, offers users many tools to manage and spend their money, with no fees for purchases and transfers.  With services like contactless payments, there is an alternative for making online purchases without having a bank issued credit card. And, if that’s not enough, digital credit cards can be issued automatically, allowing people to make their holiday shopping or celebrations easier, with much more comfortable interest rates than those offered by mainstream traditional banks. 

That, however, isn’t what separates Konzortia from other FinTechs. One of the main goals of the consortium is to make the financial markets as a whole much more widely accessible. The company is creating a full financial ecosystem in which people will be able to create enterprises, easily access credits and loans, spend, save, invest and trade however they deemed and without outrageous fees. This, in addition to democratizing financial services such as wealth management that are currently only available for a reduced number of participants in the financial markets. 

Under Konzortia’s ecosystem, within the platforms of SBank, Investhub and Capitalista, the world will be much more widely interconnected than ever. This means not only that it’ll be easier for you to bring your family closer even from a distance, by getting them anything they wish as a present for the holidays, but also that money will be less of a concern for you, as technology will take care of managing your finances, easier than you’ve ever experienced. In addition, with the new investment opportunities that Konzortia Capital puts at your disposal, you can make your money work for you throughout the year, to make the best of your upcoming holidays by reaping the benefits of your work and investments easily and without delays. 

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