How Konzortia Capital Still at the Vanguard of Revolutionary Financial Technologies

The potential for innovation in the FinTech industry is endless. Each day, Fintech companies strive to create new faster, easier and more efficient ways for users to use and earn money. Although the recent advancements in financial technologies have been incremental up to this point, we are at the breach of a significant technological breakthrough that will radically change the financial system as a whole. And this is likely to happen sooner than anyone expects. 

 The Fintech News portal recently released an article pinpointing the most important technologies which specialist agree will change the financial landscape in the near future.  Among the technologies that show the most promise when it comes to making the leap to a new financial system, AI machine learning, API platforms, chat enabling user interfaces, cyber security and distributed ledgers. What makes these technologies special is that, together, they have the potential to dramatically increase liquidity of financial assets, by creating fully automated financial environments with even conditions for the most diverse participants of the financial system. 

Konzortia Capital is committed to create a revolutionary framework for a financial environment that takes advantage of each of these technologies. With the soon to release MVP application, SBank, will be making use of distributed ledger technologies to enable, among many other things, real time global transactions among users for little to no cost. This function will be complimented with a robust chat feature, in which making transactions will be as easy as sending a text message. This will be but a first step in the company’s journey towards redesigning the financial industry. With its subsidiary companies and the institution of a fully-fledged DLT secondary market, other technologies such as AI machine learning will be fully taken advantage of. 

We invite users to follow Konzortia Capital through the last few steps on the development of the SBank early access platform. To learn how this company is expected to bring these revolutionary technologies together into a single large scale financial environment, be sure to visit, and register to our newsletter for the latest news and information regarding the company. You can become a part of Konzortia Capital’s revolutionary enterprise by visiting and finding about our investment opportunities 

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