How Konzortia Capital is redesigning the financial industry

Several years ago, when Konzortia Capital had not been brought into existence yet, our Founder, Walter Gomez, was already a financial professional. That meant that he dealt with financial services on a daily basis, as well as with financial actors from different sectors. The conclusion was apparent and unavoidable: the current financial system is cumbersome, difficult to access, and overall inefficient.

The Founder then decided to change the financial industry as we know it. He then set out to identify the particular aspects of the financial industry that were in desperate need of a change. What he found was that service providers still rely on outdated models while there is a global shift towards the digitalization of banking, financial services, and economies as a whole, and that there is no way for users to access streamlined financial services, impeding user access to necessary services. Further market research revealed that companies struggle to access capital at various stages, as well as an exit strategy for their investors, and that there’s a desire for sustainable long-term investing that achieves competitive financial returns through a flexible financial vehicle.

The solution to all these issues must be comprehensive. Luckily, so is our financial ecosystem. Konzortia Capital aims to centralize a wide variety of financial services in the same interconnected network that employs distributed ledger technologies: The KCDL. The financial services will be provided by our subsidiary companies: SBank, a global digital bank, InvestHub, a private equity platform, and Capitalista, a trading and wealth management platform.

The Konzortia Capital financial ecosystem will streamline banking, remittance services, payment processing, PE investing, capital raising, trading and wealth management in a single interconnected network that provides real-time clearance and settlement for all transactions, and allows us to significantly reduce costs and fees thanks to its decentralized network.

Furthermore, the ecosystem will come equipped with educational tools and material in all platforms for users to understand our financial services and use them correctly. As it so happens, not everyone who wants to access our services has the necessary knowledge to use them in a profitable manner, we want to make sure that the odds are not stacked up against them, but for them.

Thus, the Konzortia Capital digital financial ecosystem was born, and our launches are just around the corner! We’re coming out with InvestHub in just a few months, and, after that, SBank will follow, by the end of the year. Capitalista should be next, launching early next year, along with the KCDL.

We’re only one step away from redesigning the financial industry that everyone takes for granted.

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